The Literati

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A literary society for the Internets.

Established in 2007 with over 32 members in 8 countries world-wide!

Psst, new members, tell me where you're from in the Intro Thread so that I can put more dots on the map:D

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Literary magazines4 unread / 4alans, May 2010
What books came into your home today?70 unread / 70babyblues47, July 2009
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2008 - What are you currently reading?21 unread / 21-Mr-Dustin-, August 2008
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Books as gifts for the holidays8 unread / 8Kell_Smurthwaite, December 2007
So, what are you currently reading?141 unread / 141-Mr-Dustin-, December 2007
I don't like pseudonyms.../Intro Thread34 unread / 34citygirl, December 2007
Anyone gone for / got an Early Review book from LT?17 unread / 17Kell_Smurthwaite, November 2007
Instances where the movie is better than the book?2 unread / 2scaifea, November 2007
A cautionary tale4 unread / 4jmskone, October 2007
Intro17 unread / 17megkrahl, September 2007
20th Century Literature17 unread / 17MarianV, September 2007
Holiday Reading...14 unread / 14Kell_Smurthwaite, September 2007
19th-Century Literature14 unread / 14citygirl, September 2007
Planning to read...10 unread / 10Kell_Smurthwaite, September 2007
Woo! One of the Most Active groups on LT!10 unread / 10-Mr-Dustin-, September 2007
Overrated Works13 unread / 13medea_09, September 2007
Books that Refuse to Be Shelved7 unread / 7BGP, September 2007
Favourite Book(s)11 unread / 11frogbelly, September 2007
Do you set yourself reading challenges?12 unread / 12Kell_Smurthwaite, September 2007
Under-appreciated Works1 unread / 1-Mr-Dustin-, September 2007
Group Name/Description Suggestions17 unread / 17-Mr-Dustin-, April 2007
The Literati Epic2 unread / 2geneg, April 2007
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