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For the Irish here. Relating to all things Irish and of Ireland.

I couldn't resist the Dolmen picture from Though speaking of politics please steer clear!

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Centenary of Canon Sheehan of Doneraile (1852-1913)1 unread / 1job2007, October 2013
Dancing with Statues: A novel set in Northern Ireland and Colombia3 unread / 3N11284, March 2013
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Established "author"s page for James Adam and Sons Ltd.1 unread / 1Conkie, June 2011
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If you live in Dublin...6 unread / 6bookmonk8888, June 2010
selling rare books7 unread / 7QuerciandRobertson, March 2010
Anyone good with Google maps addresses?1 unread / 1EveleenM, January 2010
Second-hand bookshop recommendations other than in Dublin?19 unread / 19bridgitshearth, November 2009
group read?5 unread / 5STOCeallaigh, January 2009
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Second-Hand Bookshop Recommendations in Dublin?17 unread / 17johnbsheridan, January 2009
Help put Yeats's books online2 unread / 2STOCeallaigh, September 2008
anyone still visit this board31 unread / 31liamfoley, June 2008
Jude: Level 1?14 unread / 14sean2euro, March 2008
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Irish Librarythingers Message Board48 unread / 48citizenkelly, October 2007
Book Fair in Dublin on 21st and 22nd1 unread / 1Donogh, September 2007
New To list2 unread / 2SeanLong, November 2006
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