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This is a group where members of Booklikes can gather and try to help each other figure out what they're doing on LibraryThing.

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Missing the Halloween Bingo1 unread / 1ManWithAnAgenda, October 2021
Booklikes down?9 unread / 9Peregrinations, March 2021
LibraryThing / Booklikes39 unread / 39Themis-Athena, January 2021
So, where do we go from here?26 unread / 26Spurts, August 2020
Introductions123 unread / 123Peregrinations, August 2020
Login problems on Booklikes2 unread / 2Peregrinations, August 2020
Booklikes Page Status?3 unread / 3murderbydeath, January 2020
LibraryThing tips and links18 unread / 18Spurts, April 2017
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