Ecology and the environment

Nature, natural history and ecology; practical environmental techniques, habitat management.

What are your favourite books for identifying animals, plants, birds, insects, fungi, etc.?
What are your recommendations for aids to habitat surveying, creation and monitoring?
What's so good about these ones?

Please indicate what part of the world your books relate to (for obvious reasons).

Books are likely to be found under the following tags:
natural history, nature, conservation, ecology, field guide, botany, plants, ornithology, birds, entomology, insects, zoology, animals, mycology, fungi, taxonomy, habitat, ecosystem, survey, wildlife, biodiversity, etc

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Dave Goulson's "A Sting in the Tale" (about bumblebees) is BBC R4 Book of the Week2 unread / 2Vorobyey, Monday 7:52am
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Global Warming16 unread / 16MaureenRoy, August 2013
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New Science Group1 unread / 1MartyBrandon, February 2013
Conservation books for young people3 unread / 3chrisharpe, July 2012
Environmental Fiction for Middle School2 unread / 2amysisson, July 2012
Robert Macfarlane's "The Old Ways" on BBC Radio 41 unread / 1chrisharpe, July 2012
good layman ecology books?18 unread / 18Sandydog1, May 2011
your cubicle and your environment1 unread / 1dgaurh, March 2011
new ecology/environment books18 unread / 18WildMaggie, December 2010
Nature, Conservation and Hunting in SE Asia2 unread / 2lorax, November 2010
BP Gulf oil disaster22 unread / 22setnahkt, September 2010
Books by John Muir?1 unread / 1chavala, September 2010
The Outermost House: Henry Beston3 unread / 3Singlegayenviro, October 2009
landfill history5 unread / 5setnahkt, April 2009
best field guides for mid-Atlantic USA?1 unread / 1GoofyOcean110, April 2009
smelter remediation3 unread / 3setnahkt, June 2008
hello every'1 ((-;4 unread / 4TheBiodegradableMan, April 2008
The Birds Are Singing10 unread / 10Sandydog1, April 2008
New book about soundscape ecology1 unread / 1LuigiAgostini, March 2008
New book, Exploring the Geology of the Carolinas1 unread / 1Dragonfly, April 2007
Raptor Red3 unread / 3Dragonfly, April 2007
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