Japanese Culture

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For those who appreciate Japanese culture, arts, and language. If you'd like to swap information on books about Japan, please do!

My own enthusiasms include the Way of Tea (a.k.a. Chanoyu or "tea ceremony"), kimono, incense, tetsubin collecting, Japanese design, and language study - but all interests are welcome. Please pull up a zabuton and share what you love about Japan.

By the way, I'm accepting nominations for a better picture! I'm using this one for now because I actually took the photo (therefore, no copyright issues). If anyone would like to suggest something else, I'm all mimi.

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"Bad" Girls of Japan1 unread / 1susieimage, June 2011
Antique and vintage Japanese photographs14 unread / 14susieimage, June 2011
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"Learning to Bow"3 unread / 3susieimage, April 2011
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2011 Sendai Earthquake1 unread / 1Cecrow, March 2011
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Reggae in Japan1 unread / 1susieimage, March 2011
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Dead forum? Beginning readers advice & a question14 unread / 14amysisson, October 2010
Bento Box/Japanese Lunch box3 unread / 3soniaandree, October 2010
Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution2 unread / 2Cecrow, July 2010
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Amélie Nothomb... What do you think of her views concerning Japan?11 unread / 11lilisin, February 2010
"1Q84" by Murakami ... readers' comments wanted...4 unread / 4proximity1, February 2010
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Manga12 unread / 12keigu, February 2010
History of Japan, Overview9 unread / 9keigu, February 2010
[[Nagai Kafû]] - Geisha in Rivalry5 unread / 5keigu, February 2010
ikkyu2 unread / 2keigu, February 2010
Japanese Music anyone?13 unread / 13keigu, February 2010
What do you love most about Japan?37 unread / 37keigu, December 2009
What got you interested in Japanese culture?20 unread / 20C4RO, December 2009
Jun Ichikawa film - How To Become Myself3 unread / 3wandering_star, November 2009
Shogun / Samurai William5 unread / 5nobooksnolife, October 2009
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