Readers Under 30

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"Teen" groups are too young, but you want www-age input. Looking for discussion!

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I turned 30 this week...5 unread / 5justjukka, January 2011
Jodi Picoult20 unread / 20SheReads, October 2007
On active reading (aka highlighting books religiously)14 unread / 14Enraptured, June 2007
A Test of Time10 unread / 10paghababian, June 2007
L.J. Smith12 unread / 12sml2006, May 2007
Harry Potter98 unread / 98Kerian, May 2007
A little pretension does a mind good.23 unread / 23mcglocklin, May 2007
Let's get this party started88 unread / 88Kerian, May 2007
Authors for aspiring writers8 unread / 8coloradogirl14, May 2007
Anyone have any good suggestions for books to read...8 unread / 8derfla3101980, May 2007
Struggling....20 unread / 20bookwormteri, May 2007
On Dickens15 unread / 15mcglocklin, April 2007
Stephen King11 unread / 11saramoohead, April 2007
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