GLBT History

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From Sappho to ACT UP and after.

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Sappho1 unread / 1aspirit, November 2020
Community based LGBT libraries2 unread / 2aspirit, November 2020
CHE's Amiable Warriors1 unread / 1EricJT, March 2015
Donald West1 unread / 1EricJT, December 2014
London GLF8 unread / 8ChrisGonzalezLibrary, May 2014
Gay Art, Falkon6 unread / 6ChrisGonzalezLibrary, May 2014
history month7 unread / 7JohnLindsay, January 2014
Butt3 unread / 3JohnLindsay, December 2013
Phallos4 unread / 4JohnLindsay, December 2013
History of Gay Literatue14 unread / 14JohnLindsay, December 2013
George Chauncey history book1 unread / 1Caco_Velho, February 2013
Help?16 unread / 16JohnLindsay, November 2012
White Goddess1 unread / 1JohnLindsay, November 2012
early gay movement12 unread / 12JohnLindsay, October 2012
Samuel Matouke-Moukete1 unread / 1parrhesiastes, September 2012
St. Pauls Gay Bar: 19451 unread / 1e-zReader, September 2011
English books during and after the Bloomsburry circle1 unread / 1tayoulevy, April 2011
Gays favourite colour4 unread / 4parrhesiastes, March 2008
I have to make a speech5 unread / 5varielle, February 2008
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