Dog Tales for Dog Lovers

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A group dedicated to sharing books devoted to the care and happiness of our fuzzy-faced best friends, four-legged shrinks, wet-nosed confidants, and tail-wagging, fun-loving favorite furry people on the planet.

Fiction, non-fiction, scripts, poetry ... anything goes as long as it's about dogs.

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Spaying and Neutering1 unread / 1ChelseaB-ley, March 2008
Barking Dogs5 unread / 5maggie1944, October 2007
Just Joined the Group!4 unread / 4maggie1944, August 2007
Suggestions Wanted for Group Projects10 unread / 10maggie1944, August 2007
Hi from Jackie and Gus - let's get acquainted5 unread / 5ChelseaB-ley, August 2007
Have you heard of...1 unread / 1ChelseaB-ley, August 2007
New to the group!!2 unread / 2JackieAndGus, May 2007
"For the Love of Dogs" Cookbook - time sensitive1 unread / 1JackieAndGus, April 2007
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