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This group will examine all aspects of consilience. E. O. Wilson's book (Consilience : the unity of knowledge) will be a topic of discussion - but not the only topic. The group will not assume that science is the only source of knowledge but will consider other sources as well.

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Resolving dualism with Buddhist Psychology?4 unread / 4mkjones, July 2007
Disenchantment6 unread / 6scottja, May 2007
What is Wilson's position on free will?3 unread / 3mkjones, May 2007
The Glass Bead Game3 unread / 3mkjones, May 2007
What is Knowledge?14 unread / 14florahistora, May 2007
Consilience and Love7 unread / 7lorsomething, May 2007
Good resources23 unread / 23lorsomething, April 2007
Consilience and Quantum Mechanics6 unread / 6Sniv, April 2007
A Definition of Consilience4 unread / 4reading_fox, April 2007
Consilience Revisited15 unread / 15scottja, April 2007
Books sort of like Consilience5 unread / 5mkjones, April 2007
What are people learning?9 unread / 9mkjones, April 2007
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