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For all those in that peculiar and often endless limbo known as graduate or professional school.

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Graduate School = Postdoc = Faculty23 unread / 23louis_wang, November 2020
Have you all tried Zotero?23 unread / 23CaUplWL, April 2020
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Graduate Students Message Board58 unread / 58leomargalsim, May 2011
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How do you organize your research48 unread / 48TLCrawford, January 2011
Master of Science in Management, Research Administration1 unread / 1vegetarian, January 2011
The Happy Happy Final Results Thread4 unread / 4pokarekareana, January 2011
Master of Liberal Arts14 unread / 14Naren559, October 2010
enjoyable, concise history of china?1 unread / 1pranogajec, September 2010
Recovering My Love of Reading1 unread / 1Ex_Lit_Prof, June 2010
Peter Pan the Play –– Where can I find the manuscript?1 unread / 1seong, March 2010
Distance Learning PhD Program Students9 unread / 9soniaandree, February 2010
Live The Book?3 unread / 3atiara, February 2010
East Coast Snow!1 unread / 1atiara, February 2010
anyone tried Mendeley?5 unread / 5bittergrrl, February 2010
Pharmacy books1 unread / 1atiara, January 2010
Career Outlook5 unread / 5Katya0133, January 2010
Done, done, done, done!!!!3 unread / 3ironjaw, December 2009
Victorian Fin de Siecle novels featuring actresses as key characters4 unread / 4lilithcat, November 2009
CFS - The Wig: Journal of Experimental Scholarship4 unread / 4Sniv, November 2009
Changing a thesis topic6 unread / 6nomdot, November 2009
What is it like studying English in grad school?10 unread / 10betterthanchocolate, November 2009
3 a.m.14 unread / 14MysteryWatcher, November 2009
Too many books34 unread / 34VivalaErin, November 2009
eReaders :Who has one? Do you like yours? Why or why not? Discuss.28 unread / 28latinandgreek, November 2009
Does being a graduate student interfere with your love for extreneous reading?23 unread / 23nolapoet, October 2009
Creative Writing Ph.D.s1 unread / 1nolapoet, October 2009
What do you study?179 unread / 179mellybean36, August 2009
Where do you go to school?9 unread / 9MisfitKotLD, July 2009
Fun books for summer1 unread / 1medievalmama, June 2009
looking for info on graphic novels dealing with social justice issues such as war and its aftermath11 unread / 11lilithcat, June 2009
Getting Shirty15 unread / 15inkdrinker, June 2009
Graduation!4 unread / 4MysteryWatcher, May 2009
End the University as We Know It4 unread / 4MysteryWatcher, May 2009
Victorian Fin de Siecle novels featuring actresses as key characters1 unread / 1leelee4571, February 2009
Arts graduates - anyone employed in a job related to their degree?17 unread / 17r0lan6, January 2009
Novels on marriages between Indians and British7 unread / 7kittenry, November 2008
Distance learning23 unread / 23Deesirings, November 2008
Where to apply?16 unread / 16Sniv, October 2008
Call for Submissions/ Anthology of African American Essays1 unread / 1LheaJLove, September 2008
Have any of you graduates read, The Ghost of Neil Diamond?1 unread / 1DavidMilnes, September 2008
Research paper with no book materials4 unread / 4princessgarnet, September 2008
Looking Forward to Class5 unread / 5medievalmama, September 2008
First Week of Grad School8 unread / 8medievalmama, September 2008
Does your field require statistical analysis?5 unread / 5petiteblonde, July 2008
Whoa! (It's May...!)16 unread / 16medievalmama, May 2008
GREs38 unread / 38kttrend, May 2008
I'm broke! How 'bout you?29 unread / 29warrick1830, April 2008
Masters Degree: Exam Format?17 unread / 17medievalmama, April 2008
How wonderful is spring...?11 unread / 11brlb21, April 2008
new lit LT group1 unread / 1ahales, March 2008
The most influential book you have read in your subject25 unread / 25medievalmama, March 2008
help a fellow student3 unread / 3Fullmoonblue, March 2008
School for free accounts?34 unread / 34medievalmama, March 2008
The World According to Your Students3 unread / 3mralarm, February 2008
Fun With Teaching!25 unread / 25medievalmama, February 2008
How do you make time to read for the fun of it?51 unread / 51Sniv, February 2008
Any Early Modern grad students?2 unread / 2medievalmama, February 2008
comp lists for old and middle English4 unread / 4medievalmama, February 2008
anyone interested in these topics...7 unread / 7Valkitty, February 2008
Teaching Literature in Classroom1 unread / 1gheet, January 2008
Searching for 20-Somethings...3 unread / 3Madcow299, December 2007
Anyone from Australia?17 unread / 17airminded, December 2007
How do you handle administrators with chronic bad attitudes?7 unread / 7nmelcher, November 2007
Dealing with age?21 unread / 21nmelcher, November 2007
LibraryThing Wishlist for Grad Students13 unread / 13genericface, October 2007
PhD Comics5 unread / 5warrick1830, September 2007
OT?: ADD4 unread / 4captom, August 2007
School's back in!3 unread / 3januaryw, August 2007
Graduate Writing Lab Books?5 unread / 5jawallac27, April 2007
Question from a student!1 unread / 1mrsradcliffe, January 2007
I am lookin for a librarian to fill a position in NYC1 unread / 1mack464, January 2007
studying LT members' use of tags1 unread / 1circadia, November 2006
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