Weyr and Hold

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A place for fans of any or all of Anne McCaffrey's works. It also includes Todd McCaffrey's books where these are to do with Pern.

The name of the group is taken from the Pern series, but McCaffrey's other works include the "Ship" books, the "Crystal Singer" books as well as others.

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To all my Pernese friends.2 unread / 2fuzzi, August 2012
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A controversial aspect of Pern6 unread / 6DragonFreak, August 2011
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Dragon Harper and Dragonheart3 unread / 31Cookie1, April 2011
Moreta's Ride16 unread / 161Cookie1, April 2011
Cried when MasterHarper Died4 unread / 41Cookie1, April 2011
TODD MCCAFFREY IS RUINING PERN!7 unread / 7NoriandeRevelstone, April 2009
Sassinak6 unread / 6Landshark5, March 2009
Hi14 unread / 14sandragon, November 2007
Get Off. . . .4 unread / 4myshelves, June 2007
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