Outdoor Readers

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Wakers, Hikers and Hiking, Climbers, Climbing, Scrambling, Cavers, Caving and Potholing, Treks and Trekkers, Mountaineers, Mountaineering and Skiing too. Whatever your hobby, addicition, however you call it, if you sometimes like to break free from the bookshops and libraries and feel the fresh wind in your face, or even just read about from the safety of a comfy armchair, this is the Group for you.
Talk about the best guides, notable news, biographies and who really has captured the outdoor spirit in print.

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camp reads11 unread / 11varielle, August 2013
Regional Hiking Guides4 unread / 4nflow, January 2012
Books14 unread / 14Sandydog1, October 2011
Hills8 unread / 82wonderY, April 2011
Swimming1 unread / 1VB600, December 2010
Forest Therapy2 unread / 2NorthernStar, October 2010
Welcome all.93 unread / 93NorthernStar, September 2010
GPS or map and compass?13 unread / 13thorold, July 2010
walking lately11 unread / 11WomblingStar, May 2009
Fiction6 unread / 6anna_in_pdx, January 2009
What do you take with you?24 unread / 24anna_in_pdx, January 2009
Climbers' ethics and rescue14 unread / 14Bookmarque, November 2008
Are we spoilt in modern times?3 unread / 3GirlFromIpanema, April 2008
Sir Edmund Hillary. RIP5 unread / 5reading_fox, January 2008
Group picture8 unread / 8pontiacgal501, November 2007
“Glamping” anyone?4 unread / 4buddy, September 2007
Inclement weather8 unread / 8summonedbyfells, August 2007
I've lost my daily ramble :-(33 unread / 33Arctic-Stranger, July 2007
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