2020 Category Challenge

This group has become officially dormant. It happens. If you want to revive this group, or create a new group on the same topic, see this page.

Welcome to the 2020 Category Challenge!

What are the categories?

Anything you want them to be! Each member’s challenge is going to be different.

You can set as many categories as you like, in whatever genres you like.
You can set minimum numbers of books to read in each category, or you can fill them up as the whim takes you.
You can structure your reading year around a theme if you like.
You can focus on prize winners, certain geographical areas, topics that are of particular interest to you, series you want to finish, authors with an extensive backlist… the possibilities are endless

What if I set up my challenge and then get tired of my categories later in the year?

If your challenge ends up not working for you for any reason, at any point during the year, change it up! There is no Category Challenge police. We’re here to read and have fun.

It's a zoo in here! What are these CATs and KITs and DOGs?

The CATs are year-long challenges voted on by the members, with different topics each month. This year's CATs are:

- planning thread
- wiki
- planning thread
- wiki
Non-fiction CAT
- planning thread
- wiki

The KITs are informal challenges run by whichever member is willing to do so. They are run the same way as CATs. This year our KITs are:

- planning thread
- wiki
- planning thread
- wiki
- planning thread
- wiki
- planning thread
- wiki
- planning thread
- wiki
- planning thread
- wiki

The BingoDOG (so named because it is not a CAT or a KIT) is a bingo card put together by the group members. One member will gather suggestions for squares and weed out duplicate suggestions, and the finalists are put on a bingo card. For several years our bingo cards have been constructed by the wonderful @LShelby.

BingoDOG planning thread
BingoDOG wiki

And if that isn't enough, we also do group reads!

Do I have to be a member of this group to play with the CATs and KITs?

Not at all! If you have a home base in another group and just want to swing by for one of our group challenges, or a regular group read, you're most welcome to join us.

When do we get started?

The challenge officially starts January 1, 2020, but you can start earlier or later!

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