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Group revival13 unread / 13timspalding, April 2013
Book club: Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell (January 15-17, 2010; spoilers)6 unread / 6russilwvong, January 2010
High-quality Mystery/Crime/Detective/Suspense Fiction?13 unread / 13GoBanana, December 2009
Best book you've read in the last 30 days?18 unread / 18reenum, December 2009
Book club nominations31 unread / 31russilwvong, November 2009
Book club (November 15): Oryx and Crake, by Margaret Atwood (possible spoilers)19 unread / 19arcticwoman, November 2009
Infinite Jest - can it be done without the endnotes?4 unread / 4nowonmai, October 2009
Let the Dan Brown pile-on begin ...3 unread / 3_misha_, October 2009
Codex - Lev Grossman2 unread / 2juv3nal, December 2007
Authors who've written books you love and books you loathe16 unread / 16skyanth, September 2007
What to read after Paul Auster?2 unread / 2juv3nal, August 2007
So is anyone else in a book related career?3 unread / 3Terminal_Verbosity, August 2007
Mandatory "favorite books" discussion38 unread / 38MeFipatricio, August 2007
Suggestions/Unsuggestions2 unread / 2janell, July 2007
Books that influenced you?7 unread / 7janell, July 2007
Is Pynchon worth the trouble?13 unread / 13yerfatma, July 2007
Books about 20th century wars...7 unread / 7simonscarfe, July 2007
What Have We Learned?7 unread / 7stavthewonderchicken, July 2007
Smart books for smart kids?12 unread / 12odiv, June 2007
1,121 books?10 unread / 10maryh7, May 2007
What authors have you read every book by...?17 unread / 17shelleycat, May 2007
First topic9 unread / 9ikahime, May 2007
Useful suggestions from old AskMe threads8 unread / 8diamondsky, May 2007
anyone tried NovelAction yet?3 unread / 3amberglow, May 2007
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