Running Readers

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A group for runners of all ages and abilities. Talk about PRs, training schedules, 5Ks, marathons, ultras, and whatever else comes to mind.

Of course, good books about running are also welcome.

Whether you run for health or competition, welcome!

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Anyone doing a Marathon / Half Marathon this year ?38 unread / 38inkdrinker, May 2010
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Murakami's What I Talk About When I Talk About Running12 unread / 12lefty33, January 2010
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Help a girl get her stamina back... please!48 unread / 48OnceaRunner, October 2009
Psycho Psummer 15 mile trail run7 unread / 7lefty33, July 2009
Born To Run by Christopher McDougall5 unread / 5tyroeternal, July 2009
How's the running weather?34 unread / 34lefty33, June 2009
short toes, long distances4 unread / 4Sandydog1, May 2009
What are you running for this winter?44 unread / 44LyzzyBee, May 2009
What are the best books on running?5 unread / 5LyzzyBee, May 2009
Too much too fast? Have I broken Mr LyzzyBee? Help!9 unread / 9LyzzyBee, April 2009
What other LT groups do you frequent?5 unread / 5LyzzyBee, March 2009
Still running in the cold?64 unread / 64lefty33, February 2009
A dad's dilemma19 unread / 19LyzzyBee, January 2009
Nov/Dec 2008 - What are you reading?14 unread / 14lefty33, January 2009
Boston Santa Speedo Run2 unread / 2OnceaRunner, December 2008
Any advice for my first 5k?45 unread / 45OnceaRunner, December 2008
What are the Best Guides for Running10 unread / 10oakes, December 2008
What's your distance...?52 unread / 52LyzzyBee, October 2008
the heartbreak of new shoes...24 unread / 24tyroeternal, October 2008
Favorite shoes4 unread / 4lefty33, September 2008
Motivation19 unread / 19LyzzyBee, September 2008
Running Fiction4 unread / 4LyzzyBee, June 2008
50 Marathons, 50 States1 unread / 1lefty33, May 2007
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