Reformation Era: History and Literature

This discussion group is an extension of a rather ambitious personal reading goal. I want to read about the Reformation Era in England and Europe, focusing especially on the 1500's but also including the 1600’s. I want to read the literature of the Era, mostly in chronological order, mixing in history and biography as needed. I don't have too much reading time available, so I'm anticipating this will be a "slow burn" for quite a while.

Read along with me, or just pop in from time to time. Ask questions, if you wish. That's what I plan to do. A list of some of the books I hope to read will be given in the first post.

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Why Read The Jesuits: A History by Markus Friedrich?1 unread / 1geoffreymeadows, October 1
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Diet of Augsburg, 15301 unread / 1geoffreymeadows, March 12
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The Spirituali and MacCulloch’s book1 unread / 1geoffreymeadows, December 2021
Wolf Hall and fiction vs. history4 unread / 4AnnieMod, December 2021
Two “Five Books” book lists1 unread / 1geoffreymeadows, November 2021
Michael Massing’s Fatal Discord1 unread / 1geoffreymeadows, November 2021
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