Classical Self-Education for Adults

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For those of us who lack the time, money, or desire to attend university classes on classical Western literature, this group can serve as an informal guide to finding resources and study plans for self-education. Other areas of the world are welcome, but the focus will be on the Western tradition. "Classical Self-Education for Adults" as a method of self-study is a deeply personal journey lacking in bureaucratic agendas or motives that live in the bedrock of modern universities. The topics you study and the ideas you conclude are yours alone, and are only subject to the scrutiny you invite from other self-educators. We encourage self-educators to engage in careful study, thoughtful literary criticism, and development of new ideas to be shared with the community as a whole. This method of self-study, critique, and idea production is dependent on the existence of a network of likeminded individuals who espouse the virtues of intellectual honesty, fairness, respect, and an eternal thirst for knowledge.

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