This is for those who like really Big Books, for books to qualify they MUST be of 500 pages or more. If this type of Book is your bag, then why not join and log your Big Books as you finish them.

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2022 BIG FAT BOOKS RUNNING TOTAL.152 unread / 152bryanoz, Today 6:19am
MissWatson's BFBs in 202210 unread / 10MissWatson, Yesterday 4:56am
Bryan's Big Books in 202240 unread / 40bryanoz, Friday 11:19pm
Chiliihead's 2022 BFB6 unread / 6chiliihead, Thursday 5:46pm
Marell’s BFGs in 202210 unread / 10marell, September 19
Kathy's (kac522) BFBs in 202214 unread / 14kac522, September 19
Connie's BFB's for 202218 unread / 18connie53, September 10
JayneCM Hopes To Read More BFBs In 202215 unread / 15JayneCM, August 29
John's 2022 BIG FAT BOOKS22 unread / 22johnsimpson, August 22
Cecilturtle BFBing in 202210 unread / 10Cecilturtle, August 21
Diane’s Big Books12 unread / 12dianelouise100, July 24
Hemlokgang's BFB Challenge 20228 unread / 8hemlokgang, April 14
Jean (majkia) Reads the Big 'Uns5 unread / 5majkia, March 3
Mike (CurrerBell) gives it a try5 unread / 5CurrerBell, January 18
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