Club Read 2023

Welcome to Club Read!
For the past fifteen years, Club Read has been a home for thoughtful readers who enjoy sharing what they are reading and being inspired by the reading of others. Club Read members have become friends over the years, and every year new members join looking for a warm reading hub. Book talk binds us together, and the conversations are lively. Browse the threads, and if you like the type of conversations happening here, join in!

Thank you to the volunteers who will be managing some of our regular threads, including:

• Questions for the Avid Reader (SassyLassy)
What Are You Reading? (Annie/AnnieMod)
• Quarterly and Year-End Favorites (SassyLassy)
Interesting Articles (Kay/RidgewayGirl)
Poetry (Diane/dianeham)
Victorian Tavern (Annie/AnnieMod)
HOPE TO READ SOON: a tribute to Rebeccanyc (Monica/Trifolia)
Graphic Stories (Annie/AnnieMod)
• La Cucina (Darryl/kidzdoc)
• The Greenhouse (Edwin/edwinbcn)
Has Anyone Read? (Diane/dianeham)

Other groups of interest:

Reading Globally (Mark/thorold)
Reading Through Time (DeltaQueen50)
African Book Challenge (Paul/PaulCranswick)
Holocaust Literature (Kerry/avatiakh and Lisa/labfs39)
Nobel Laureates in Literature Challenge (Lisa/labfs39)

Thanks everyone and happy reading!

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