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For LTers interested in Taoism from a scholarly or spiritual perspective. Or any perspective, really.

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Microcosmic Orbit/Small Heavenly Cycle?1 unread / 1sashame, May 2020
HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO3 unread / 3sashame, May 2020
Best translation of the Tao Te Ching7 unread / 7MarthaJeanne, December 2018
Basic Book on Taoism3 unread / 3aulsmith, December 2013
interview1 unread / 1muffin87, May 2012
Taoism Message Board9 unread / 9beau.p.laurence, January 2007
"Tao te ching by Sun Tzu"??????3 unread / 3oxocerite, January 2007
Interfaith Connections1 unread / 1pdxwoman, December 2006
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