Portland Readers

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Grab a coffee, pull up a chair and join this group if you live in the city of roses.

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Hello! Anyone home?2 unread / 2overlycriticalelisa, April 2013
First book in Eugene-base series free1 unread / 1ljsellers, February 2012
Howdy2 unread / 2slickdpdx, August 2011
Rose City Used Book Fair2 unread / 2slickdpdx, June 2011
Awesome Bookstores2 unread / 2oregonobsessionz, June 2011
Where is your favorite place to read?6 unread / 6earneson, May 2011
attractions1 unread / 1jenniebooks, June 2010
Upcoming book events in Portland for 20086 unread / 6maggie1944, January 2010
Welcome to Portland Readers3 unread / 3maggie1944, January 2010
book clubs?10 unread / 10slickdpdx, May 2009
Daoud Hari reads The Translator at Powell's - April 141 unread / 1oregonobsessionz, March 2008
Wordstock – Portland’s Annual Festival of the Book1 unread / 1oregonobsessionz, November 2007
Library book sale this weekend!5 unread / 5rosylibrarian, October 2007
Harry Potter @ Midnight!3 unread / 3oregonobsessionz, July 2007
Anyone a 'His Dark Materials' fan?5 unread / 5sollocks, June 2007
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