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Are you from Spain? Are you Spaniard-friendly? Do you LOVE tortilla de patatas? Are you in love with a Spaniard? Are you in love with this lovable country? Are you the Spanish version of a bookworm (ratón de biblioteca)? Then, mi amiga, mi amigo, this is your CASA.

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spanish collaboration6 unread / 6drasvola, May 2010
Spanish picture book for kids5 unread / 5ZoeToft, April 2010
Stieg Larsson23 unread / 23drasvola, January 2010
Roberto Bolano12 unread / 12mejix, November 2009
Comprar libros en español en el extranjero2 unread / 2xieouyang, January 2009
Esta alguien despierto?1 unread / 1xieouyang, September 2008
Pedro Menchén2 unread / 2HesterPrynne, June 2007
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