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For the architecturally interested. From text book to novel to manual to manifesto - all patterns of architecture writing welcome.

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Festival of the Architecture Book2 unread / 2pranogajec, June 2011
Green Architecture & design4 unread / 4pranogajec, February 2011
Anybody know this book?9 unread / 9ziska, July 2010
Top 5 Architecture Books14 unread / 14Malmroth, May 2010
Rybczynski / Bachelard swap5 unread / 5stephanie_siu, May 2007
Christmas books5 unread / 5mtabraha, April 2007
new books2 unread / 2mtabraha, April 2007
Architext Message Board1 unread / 1eversion, July 2006
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