Monks, Monasteries and Monasticism

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A group for discussing all things monastic: fictional or historical. Whether your penchant is for curling up with Cadfael or careering round a Carthusian monastery this group is for you.

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Monastery Economics2 unread / 2John5918, December 2021
Eastern Orthodox Christian monasticism2 unread / 2Vladimir_Sorak, September 2021
Monks and Pets8 unread / 8varielle, August 2021
Monasteries, Abbeys, etc. that you have visited9 unread / 9eschator83, January 2021
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Monks in the News24 unread / 24varielle, February 2020
Something for the Sisters1 unread / 1varielle, June 2019
Dominicans7 unread / 7SPPColumbus, December 2018
Contemplative but active1 unread / 1John5918, November 2018
Favorite Monastic Books8 unread / 8PossMan, September 2018
Hermits2 unread / 2eschator83, August 2017
Monkish Humor6 unread / 6varielle, March 2017
Hello43 unread / 43Dilara86, July 2014
Books by Monks7 unread / 7vpfluke, March 2014
Monks in the movies3 unread / 3Phanouria, March 2013
My journey to become a third-order Franciscan.1 unread / 1Jason_Hess, March 2012
Karen Armstrong memoirs2 unread / 2vpfluke, June 2008
The Cloister Walk8 unread / 8vpfluke, March 2008
Into Great Silence7 unread / 7liamfoley, March 2008
The Monastery4 unread / 4medievalmama, March 2008
The Monks in Burma3 unread / 3varielle, March 2008
New Arrivals1 unread / 1Mr.Durick, September 2007
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