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A place for archivists on LibraryThing.

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Reviving the group2 unread / 2Shrike58, January 2021
Sample of Archives on LibraryThing4 unread / 4Shrike58, January 2021
Are you a Certified Archivist?14 unread / 14Teacup_, June 2017
TinyCat/Small Libraries Survey1 unread / 1kristilabrie, February 2016
A Few Questions about Pursuing a Career in Archival Work3 unread / 3varielle, September 2015
Literary letters1 unread / 1ElenaDanielson, June 2012
Books that feature archives or archivists18 unread / 18ElenaDanielson, May 2012
New England Archivists - Spring Meeting2 unread / 2TLCrawford, January 2011
Future Archivist...hopefully6 unread / 6varielle, December 2010
Archives in trouble3 unread / 3WhatAmyRead, September 2010
The Archivist Groove5 unread / 5CliffordDorset, June 2009
Photo Storage7 unread / 7rowmyboat, May 2009
Thought this would interest this group....3 unread / 3TLCrawford, April 2009
Hello8 unread / 8laurian, February 2009
Archives and the economy.4 unread / 4Islandgal, November 2008
Erm... hello?16 unread / 16Islandgal, November 2008
Digital Archives3 unread / 3amarie, August 2008
Hello, from a young Archivist!7 unread / 7Audacity, June 2008
The Library of Patrick Henry3 unread / 3benjclark, April 2008
Archiving as a Career9 unread / 9kicking_k, December 2007
Introductions28 unread / 28sophiebella, December 2007
Archdiocese of Atlanta1 unread / 1DromJohn, October 2007
Reading List for Traveling to SAA4 unread / 4kicking_k, September 2007
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