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A group for anyone from Scotland, whether you live here or not, and for discussion of books with a Scottish connection.

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reading now16 unread / 16Sile, June 2020
The List: 100 Best Scottish Books, 200517 unread / 17diatomite, April 2020
Gaelic Fiction10 unread / 10Sile, April 2020
Scottish Librarythingers Message Board48 unread / 48Maleva, January 2016
Looking for fiction – Scottish Gaelic myth, legend, folklore and shared experiences4 unread / 4da-man101, January 2016
Book on history of Perthshire?1 unread / 1AlanPoulter, November 2015
Any recomendations for the Book Festival?3 unread / 3AlanPoulter, August 2015
Science fiction exhibition at the National Library of Scotland1 unread / 1AlanPoulter, March 2012
Scots language3 unread / 3dpbrewster, February 2012
New library coming to Scotland, spring 20124 unread / 4theonawaytrust, January 2012
Dreamwords ... the honesty edition - may be coming to a bus stop or park bench near you soon2 unread / 2Sile, December 2011
Off-topic and food-related - can any Glaswegians LTers assist?7 unread / 7Sophie236, November 2011
Vernacular writing34 unread / 34Sophie236, October 2011
New group for Gaelic readers (ANY LEVEL)7 unread / 7mta, August 2011
Denise Mina2 unread / 2bertyboy, August 2011
Stevenson10 unread / 10LesMiserables, July 2010
Public Library Borrowing in Scotland7 unread / 7pammie1320, July 2010
Who is the best?1 unread / 1bertyboy, June 2010
Edinburgh Booksale2 unread / 2AlanPoulter, May 2010
Question about a book1 unread / 1WillowOne, March 2010
Complete set of reviews for Spectrum SF, old Scottish magazine5 unread / 5AsYouKnow_Bob, February 2010
Scottish Literature10 unread / 10Sile, February 2010
The Broons and Oor Wullie3 unread / 3bertyboy, December 2009
Hi !4 unread / 4bertyboy, December 2009
deargreenplace....scottish vernacular....1 unread / 1bcamp0404, October 2009
James Kelman vs Ian Rankin...4 unread / 4Thrin, October 2009
Book links for Glasgow & Edinburgh public libraries1 unread / 1antisyzygy, February 2008
Welsh/Kelman3 unread / 3glabrous, April 2007
...and the winners1 unread / 1deargreenplace, February 2007
Monstrous7 unread / 7kicking_k, January 2007
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