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This group is for those who want to discuss topics related to Fine Presses past (Golden Cockerel, Limited Editions Club, etc.) and present (Arion Press, Barbarian Press, etc.) as well as companies like The Folio Society that issue fine or limited editions of their regular books.

The Fine Press Wiki maintained by @wcarter and others and containing lots of wonderful information on fine press publishers and books can be viewed here.

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New acquisitions 2022298 unread / 298ubiquitousuk, Today 3:01pm
New acquisitions 2023627 unread / 627Shadekeep, Today 11:52am
Books Illustrated Inkheart22 unread / 22What_What, Today 9:17am
Announcing Dymaxion Press9 unread / 9filox, Today 7:06am
Science Fiction Classics that deserve to be in Fine Press42 unread / 42mikewilliams64, Today 3:35am
Ampersand Studio - Master and Commander87 unread / 87Chemren, Sunday 9:39am
American Broadsides by Georgia B. Bumgardner – IMPRINT SOCIETY 19713 unread / 3ExLibrisDavid, Sunday 12:47am
Consensus Press: Sinuhe4 unread / 4Glacierman, Saturday 11:01pm
Black Letter Press45 unread / 45claudio76, Saturday 3:29pm
OT: Red List of Endangered Crafts7 unread / 7thfrgi, Friday 1:40pm
Collecting themes (Trees)33 unread / 33kronnevik, Thursday 8:35pm
News from St James Park Press137 unread / 137ttrotts, Thursday 6:05pm
Thornwillow Press Dispatch153 unread / 153Shadekeep, Thursday 8:56am
OT - New book on Aldus Manutius2 unread / 2ChestnutPress, Tuesday 4:33pm
Ornata by John Grice – EVERGREEN PRESS 201613 unread / 13StJamesParkPress, Tuesday 6:43am
Abebooks "Ratings"22 unread / 22abysswalker, May 29
Kim Merker titles6 unread / 6mnmcdwl, May 29
Upcoming Fine Press Books89 unread / 89GardenOfForkingPaths, May 25
Suntup Editions Books (2)517 unread / 517What_What, May 22
OT - Codex Sassoon going up for auction20 unread / 20Shadekeep, May 19
The Travels of Sir John Mandeville - Foolscap Press116 unread / 116Sport1963, May 18
Suntup Numbered Edition4 unread / 4St._Troy, May 17
The Harebrained Press6 unread / 6TheHarebrainedPress, May 15
The Westvaco American Classics series34 unread / 34varielle, May 15
The Tower of the Winds – FOOLSCAP PRESS 20029 unread / 9GardenOfForkingPaths, May 15
"Annals of The Jinn" from Pegana Press now available for preorder41 unread / 41astropi, May 10
Books for Sale or Trade41 unread / 41amysisson, May 10
La Vita Nuova43 unread / 43MobyRichard, May 9
No Reply Press662 unread / 662Shadekeep, May 9
Conversation Tree Press: New Fine Press195 unread / 195Shadekeep, May 8
Fine Press Poetry - Andrew Moorhouse51 unread / 51affle, May 8
Amaranthine Books61 unread / 61Kalaza, May 7
OT: A Books About Books project3 unread / 3Shadekeep, May 4
My (fine press) Books For Trade17 unread / 17astropi, May 2
Two Ponds Press6 unread / 6NathanOv, May 2
Agrippa (A Book of the Dead)1 unread / 1H-M, May 1
Prelo prints' Aesop Fables18 unread / 18Shadekeep, May 1
Undersea - Nawakum press9 unread / 9Praveenna_Nagaratnam, April 29
Nomad Letterpress forthcoming edition.59 unread / 59Shadekeep, April 28
A Descent Into the Maelström by Edgar Allen Poe - NAWAKUM PRESS LIMITED EDITION 202211 unread / 11koszakedv, April 27
The one book that all fine press collections should have...44 unread / 44GusLogan, April 27
Suntup Press -- The Silence of the Lambs11 unread / 11astropi, April 26
Suntup Press is Hiring9 unread / 9jveezer, April 26
Enūma Eliš by Griffin Gonzales - NO REPLY PRESS LETTERED LIMITED EDITION - 202122 unread / 22dlphcoracl, April 24
Miniature Books12 unread / 12Lukas1990, April 24
The Poeticon Astronomicon -- Allen Press28 unread / 28dlphcoracl, April 23
Private Presses of San Serriffe by Theodore Bachaus - SAN SERRIFFE PUBLISHING CO. 19806 unread / 6DenimDan, April 23
The Imprint Society152 unread / 152jveezer, April 21
OT: Letterpress printing a replica of the Gutenberg Bible...maybe5 unread / 5DenimDan, April 21
OT: Need a leather label for a slipcase?7 unread / 7kdweber, April 20
Minds of the Press6 unread / 6SF-72, April 19
Centipede Press Dune425 unread / 425SF-72, April 19
The Book of Tobit from the Apocrypha (Raven Press, 1931)3 unread / 3ExLibrisDavid, April 18
What is wrong with me? Five copies of one title ....45 unread / 45sdawson, April 16
Tudor Black Press23 unread / 23Dr.Fiddy, April 14
Any Fine Press books on Japanese Woodblock prints?19 unread / 19SF-72, April 13
Books Illustrated Next Publication: War Horse23 unread / 23Books-Illustrated, April 10
Boccaccios Buch von den fürnembsten Weibern (Potsdam, Kiepenheuer, 1924)2 unread / 2ultrarightist, April 6
Fine press books at auction4 unread / 4Glacierman, April 5
on cataloging3 unread / 3dpbbooks, April 4
Fine Press Treatment of Herodotus' Histories36 unread / 36Glacierman, April 4
Centipede Press Forthcoming254 unread / 254astropi, April 2
Century Press - The Sun Also Rises71 unread / 71EdmundRodriguez, March 31
You're Not My Type - Redux27 unread / 27dlphcoracl, March 30
Faust14 unread / 14originaux, March 30
Recommend a fine press edition of The Odyssey?20 unread / 20terebinth, March 30
New W. A. Dwiggins book- Athalinthia stories and pictures81 unread / 81Glacierman, March 30
Centipede Press39 unread / 39Shadekeep, March 27
Arete Editions’ The Curious Case of Benjamin Button22 unread / 22marceloanciano, March 27
The Stand Cemetary Dance17 unread / 17donaldmcobb, March 27
Fine Press Travel Destinations26 unread / 26SebRinelli, March 25
A Factotum in the Book Trade3 unread / 3mr.philistine, March 24
What are your favourite BIG books?6 unread / 6DenimDan, March 24
Barbarian Press Documentary9 unread / 9ultrarightist, March 24
Arion Press 2023!20 unread / 20astropi, March 22
Which Fine Press is doing Flowers for Algernon?44 unread / 44jordanxn, March 22
Enablement: Good Deals on Private Press Books109 unread / 109Shadekeep, March 22
Any thoughts about the Beehive Books Edition of Pinocchio?9 unread / 9whytewolf1, March 20
Highgrove Florilegium 2-volume limted edition Prince of Wales Charitable Fndtn2 unread / 2Shadekeep, March 20
Most Unusual and/or Unique Books in your Collection?38 unread / 38Glacierman, March 18
Bruce Rogers' design of T. E. Shaw's Odyssey11 unread / 11DenimDan, March 17
Fine Press edition of Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart12 unread / 12punkzip, March 17
Little, Big 25th Anniversary Edition95 unread / 95RRCBS, March 13
Psalms No. 417 unread / 17Flaubie, March 11
Thornwillow Press - Song of Solomon106 unread / 106slightlyemo, March 11
Thornwillow's Ulysses543 unread / 543jveezer, March 11
The Odyssey12 unread / 12originaux, March 10
Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell - ANGEL BOMB 202213 unread / 13Angelbomb, March 9
LEC liked...4 unread / 4whytewolf1, March 9
Vladimir Zimakov & Dmitry Sayenko7 unread / 7Lukas1990, March 9
Are there any letterpress editions of Count of Monte Cristo?3 unread / 3edkennedy, March 4
Sylvain Sauvage44 unread / 44Shadekeep, March 4
Rudyard Kiplings's Rikki-Tikki-Tavi by The Prototype Press22 unread / 22jveezer, March 4
Fine Printing/Small Press auction62 unread / 62dlphcoracl, March 3
Advice for a New Collector?97 unread / 97Lukas1990, March 3
Is it usual to repay for books which arrived late after receiving a refund for nondelivery?38 unread / 38DenimDan, March 2
Spitsticks & Multiples by Simon Lawrence - FLEECE PRESS SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION 20223 unread / 3dlphcoracl, February 28
Difficulty using for photos6 unread / 6dlphcoracl, February 28
Spring 2023 Collection3 unread / 3A.Godhelm, February 28
Doves Press "The Ideal Book" Facsimile - Ampersand Book Studio38 unread / 38ChestnutPress, February 28
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