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This group is for those who want to discuss topics related to Fine Presses past (Golden Cockerel, Limited Editions Club, etc.) and present (Arion Press, Barbarian Press, etc.) as well as companies like The Folio Society that issue fine or limited editions of their regular books.

The Fine Press Wiki maintained by @wcarter and others and containing lots of wonderful information on fine press publishers and books can be viewed here.

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Curious King Books - New publication details132 unread / 132NathanOv, Today 5:12pm
New acquisitions 2022159 unread / 159DenimDan, Today 4:56pm
FINE PRESS EPHEMERA #8 : Harry Duncan and the UNO group of presses.11 unread / 11DWPress, Today 4:35pm
Realistic letterpress wish list128 unread / 128DMulvee, Today 3:46pm
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La Divina Commedia (The Divine Comedy) by Dante Alighieri – FACSIMILE FINDER 20226 unread / 6Glacierman, Today 1:38pm
Foolscap Press: Brief Loves that Live Forever55 unread / 55Joshbooks1, Yesterday 11:03pm
Suntup Editions Books1055 unread / 1055punkzip, Saturday 1:45pm
A new bibliography of the Golden Cockerel Press18 unread / 18ubiquitousuk, Friday 3:49pm
Suntup + George W. Bush8 unread / 8Pellias, Friday 3:47pm
The Travels of Sir John Mandeville - Foolscap Press88 unread / 88dlphcoracl, Friday 12:42am
TOC Berlin51 unread / 51jveezer, Thursday 7:20pm
Sudden Immobility Review?66 unread / 66jveezer, Tuesday 3:06pm
Most desirable Schiff era LECs?50 unread / 50abysswalker, Tuesday 1:52pm
Fine Press Military Books24 unread / 24Shadekeep, Tuesday 8:33am
Upcoming Fine Press Books48 unread / 48Shadekeep, Monday 9:58am
In the event you missed it the first time...........5 unread / 5kermaier, Monday 1:06am
Arete Editions, let me introduce myself162 unread / 162marceloanciano, May 15
Thornwillow Press Dispatch46 unread / 46whytewolf1, May 14
Thornwillow's Ulysses410 unread / 410goldenotebook, May 13
Rip van Winkle by Washington Irving - EASTON PRESS LIMITED EDITION 20128 unread / 8wcarter, May 13
Black Letter Press21 unread / 21Shadekeep, May 13
Amaranthine Books — The Picture of Dorian Gray63 unread / 63goldenotebook, May 13
Little, Big 25th Anniversary Edition53 unread / 53bookstopshere, May 12
Top Edge Gilt - Book Reviews & News15 unread / 15Lukas1990, May 12
Lyra's Press Announces "Coraline"35 unread / 35SDB2012, May 11
Devine Comedy - The New Manuscript47 unread / 47wcarter, May 11
Extraordinary Editions14 unread / 14affle, May 10
Blake: Songs of Innocence and Experience?22 unread / 22terebinth, May 9
Books Illustrated Next Publication: War Horse2 unread / 2Books-Illustrated, May 9
Gulliver's Travels. Golden Cockerel Press (1925)6 unread / 6Lukas1990, May 8
ISO: Pages from Presses, 2006 Edition1 unread / 1Objectr, May 7
My (fine press) Books For Trade8 unread / 8astropi, May 7
Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card - CENTIPEDE PRESS 20148 unread / 8astropi, May 7
Alcuin Society Book Design Awards5 unread / 5astropi, May 6
Allen Press -- Antigone35 unread / 35astropi, May 6
The Gruffyground Press54 unread / 54Shadekeep, May 6
Federalist Papers21 unread / 21GusLogan, May 5
Is There a Buy/Sell/Trade type forum?4 unread / 4SDB2012, May 4
No Reply Press420 unread / 420Glacierman, May 3
Tipped in illustrations damaging books4 unread / 4grifgon, May 2
Swift on Swift - No Reply Press32 unread / 32Lukas1990, May 1
Venetian recommendations?18 unread / 18abysswalker, May 1
Storing and care of books bound in, or printed on, vellum14 unread / 14MrLuck, April 30
Plain Wrapper Press Redux8 unread / 8DenimDan, April 29
The Whole Book Experience235 unread / 235DWPress, April 28
Mad Parrot Press Wind in the Willows233 unread / 233jveezer, April 27
Is digital/polymer fine press?28 unread / 28DWPress, April 25
Affordable Leaves from Presses I -- Grabhorn Press: The Golden Legend4 unread / 4astropi, April 24
Custom solander box8 unread / 8DWPress, April 24
Should I cut uncut pages?45 unread / 45DWPress, April 24
Opinions on The Heritage Press22 unread / 22Undergroundman, April 24
Fine Press Melville23 unread / 23kermaier, April 23
Shakespeare9 unread / 9jveezer, April 23
Pages from Press I (2006) Whittington Press4 unread / 4DenimDan, April 23
Arion Press - Woolgathering8 unread / 8Joshbooks1, April 22
Rudyard Kiplings's Rikki-Tikki-Tavi by The Prototype Press11 unread / 11CenturyPress, April 20
Technical questions? Ask them here. Printing, Binding, Design16 unread / 16Glacierman, April 20
Why a Limited Edition? (Roy Squires)9 unread / 9ubiquitousuk, April 19
Best presses for 20th/21st century books8 unread / 8mr.philistine, April 18
Fine Press Book Fairs happening soon7 unread / 7maisiedotes, April 16
Gawain and the Green Knight, from Taller Martin Pescador22 unread / 22ChampagneSVP, April 13
Lyra's Books- The Picture of Dorian Gray535 unread / 535ultrarightist, April 13
News from St James Park Press18 unread / 18NathanOv, April 12
LEC Time Machine & War of the Worlds9 unread / 9CTPress-Tony, April 9
Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky – BEEHIVE BOOKS 202138 unread / 38Evelyn2108, April 5
Billy Budd18 unread / 18FvS, March 31
Prelo prints' Aesop Fables13 unread / 13ChampagneSVP, March 30
Fine Press editions of Francois Rabelais' works?17 unread / 17terebinth, March 30
Fleece Press - Dear Mercia - A bargain6 unread / 6LBShoreBook, March 29
Press ephemera27 unread / 27FvS, March 29
Poll: Standing Subscriber Model39 unread / 39FvS, March 29
What do you do with extra copies of illustrations?6 unread / 6SDB2012, March 27
Arion press - in sheets2 unread / 2grifgon, March 27
Collecting Regional Authors12 unread / 12LBShoreBook, March 25
Inflation and fine press collecting13 unread / 13grifgon, March 24
Arete's Upcoming Publications12 unread / 12mholt, March 23
A Revised Fine Press Forum Wiki63 unread / 63Shadekeep, March 23
TOC Berlin opinions?38 unread / 38RRCBS, March 22
Coastline by Hannah Cousins – NOMAD LETTERPRESS 20193 unread / 3LBShoreBook, March 21
Is it a ‘press’ if it doesn’t print?42 unread / 42LBShoreBook, March 19
Letters from Titanic8 unread / 8ironjaw, March 18
La Vita Nuova Illustrated by Evelyn Paul1 unread / 1MobyRichard, March 17
Hand & Eye The Wind in the Willows146 unread / 146ChampagneSVP, March 16
Fine Press Forum wiki90 unread / 90Shadekeep, March 16
Heads up! Interesting press books now on the market1 unread / 1Glacierman, March 15
Fine press Plath20 unread / 20Shadekeep, March 15
OT: Medieval Manuscript Culture & Production Webinar4 unread / 4kdweber, March 14
H.G. Wells - The Magic Shop - Thornwillow Dispatch Puzzle27 unread / 27ChampagneSVP, March 14
Fleece Press5 unread / 5What_What, March 12
Jane Austen in fine press treatment10 unread / 10BorisG, March 11
Publishing rights26 unread / 26BuzzBuzzard, March 11
Books with aluminum boards?10 unread / 10wcarter, March 10
Kickstarter for Letterpress Who Goes There? ends in 3 days55 unread / 55marceloanciano, March 9
Forthcoming book from The Salvage Press27 unread / 27ChampagneSVP, March 7
Vampire Cat of Nabéshima by Cordes Press16 unread / 16BorisG, March 7
Tudor Black Press4 unread / 4Shadekeep, March 6
Folio Society's retail presence in London?5 unread / 5venkysuniverse, March 6
St James Park Press22 unread / 22Praveenna_Nagaratnam, March 6
Question: Insuring a collection8 unread / 8SDB2012, March 5
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