Iris Murdoch readers

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A group for readers of my favourite author, Iris Murdoch. Which is your favourite? Why? Has anyone else read all the novels in chronological order?

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Reading Groups and Iris Murdoch4 unread / 4LolaWalser, October 2020
My favourite Iris Murdoch book67 unread / 67LyzzyBee, April 2018
The Bell94 unread / 94sibylline, February 2018
Musing on Murdoch in General77 unread / 77Cyss, October 2017
The Nice and the Good14 unread / 14sibylline, February 2017
The Red and the Green5 unread / 5sibylline, April 2016
Hello! New to Murdoch29 unread / 29sibylline, January 2016
Exploring Recurrent Imagery: WATER4 unread / 4sibylline, December 2015
The next IM read67 unread / 67sibylline, November 2015
The Italian Girl1 unread / 1sibylline, November 2015
The Sea, the Sea19 unread / 19EBT1002, September 2015
The Sandcastle18 unread / 18tommi180744, January 2015
The Message to the Planet9 unread / 9sibylline, December 2014
Iris Murdoch Conference2 unread / 2sibylline, October 2014
The Green Knight20 unread / 20LyzzyBee, May 2014
Murdoch Database2 unread / 2BookMonk, March 2014
The Unicorn3 unread / 3sibylline, February 2014
An Unoffcial Rose4 unread / 4sibylline, November 2013
The Book and the Brotherhood11 unread / 11sibylline, October 2013
A Severed Head20 unread / 20BonnieJune54, May 2013
The Black Prince53 unread / 53sibylline, May 2013
A Murdoch A Month 1: Under the Net7 unread / 7sibylline, May 2013
Iris Murdoch: A Life, by Peter J. Conradi83 unread / 83sibylline, April 2013
The Philosopher's Pupil27 unread / 27LizzieD, April 2013
A Writer at War: Letters & Diaries, 1939-19454 unread / 4rainpebble, March 2013
An Interested Fan Weighs In2 unread / 2labwriter, March 2013
The Good Apprentice15 unread / 15sibylline, March 2013
Something Special9 unread / 9rainpebble, March 2013
Henry and Cato20 unread / 20LyzzyBee, February 2013
[Something Special]1 unread / 1rainpebble, February 2013
A Word Child3 unread / 3labwriter, February 2013
Bruno's Dream10 unread / 10sibylline, February 2013
An Unofficial Rose2 unread / 2sibylline, February 2013
Henry Cato3 unread / 3rainpebble, January 2013
Murdoch and Mayhem LINK to 754 unread / 4sibylline, December 2012
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