Lingua Latina

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For anyone who enjoys Latin, the language of the Romans, the western Church, and -- until recently -- academics of all stripes.

This group also serves as the discussion forum for the translation of Librarything into Latin.

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Questions for People Who Know More Latin (and Greek) than You Do15 unread / 15varielle, July 2010
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Style: which forms to use where8 unread / 8messpots, April 2009
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Deciphering the Reverend's gravestone8 unread / 8job2007, September 2007
Iter ____ : "Journey to where we are"3 unread / 3rjohara, May 2007
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CD in latin 8-)1 unread / 1sunny, November 2006
LibraryThing in Latin3 unread / 3boekerij, October 2006
LT language interface5 unread / 5Passer_Invenit, October 2006
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