Arthurian Legends

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For those who dig Arthurian texts and novels.

Discuss King Arthur, Camelot, the Knights, Avalon, etc.

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Popular "Arthurian" writers5 unread / 5DinadansFriend, November 2021
Tolkien and Arthurian Legend5 unread / 5Crypto-Willobie, January 2021
Non-Fiction26 unread / 26Crypto-Willobie, October 2020
Best Illustrated Edition?1 unread / 1pjkrog, April 2020
A group worth reviving?1 unread / 1Crypto-Willobie, February 2018
Dinadan the snarky knight2 unread / 2Crypto-Willobie, January 2018
Arthurian Legends Message Board68 unread / 68DinadansFriend, January 2018
Modern Arthurian Fiction8 unread / 8Crypto-Willobie, November 2014
Where to start on Arthur?13 unread / 13ed.pendragon, July 2014
A question on pronunciation14 unread / 14ed.pendragon, July 2014
Sir Dinadan3 unread / 3shadrach_anki, July 2014
Tennyson's Idylls of the King, a 2hr adaptation by the UK's BBC R31 unread / 1chrisharpe, July 2013
Fiction54 unread / 54dekesolomon, October 2012
Merlin's Charge1 unread / 1Peter_Joseph_Swanson, September 2012
Anthologies of Arthurian Fantasy4 unread / 4skullduggery, July 2012
Camelot TV series1 unread / 1ed.pendragon, August 2011
Le Morte D'Arthur Nice edition4 unread / 4LucasTrask, July 2011
Hidden Traditions3 unread / 3chg1, March 2011
Question9 unread / 9lilithcat, November 2009
Invitation!1 unread / 1clamairy, February 2008
People/Characters1 unread / 1middleearthtraveller, November 2006
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