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This is a group for young readers, writers, bibliophiles and collectors to meet, discuss and debate about their favorite and not-so-favorite texts.

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Hello all, noob here..1 unread / 1Inification, June 2016
Does anyone keep up with spoken word?2 unread / 2leahbird, October 2012
The best deal you've ever scored on a book88 unread / 88LheaJLove, August 2012
Organizing Your Library49 unread / 49mene, August 2012
21 Century Recommendations5 unread / 5LheaJLove, August 2012
Complimentary E-book Thriller by Author, Marshall Chamberlain2 unread / 2leahbird, June 2012
How well does your library reflect you?34 unread / 34knownever, April 2012
Book buying addicts?168 unread / 168DeusExLibrus, March 2012
Literature about people in their twenties7 unread / 7Just_Danya, January 2012
age appropriate books?15 unread / 15mrsrochester, January 2012
The last book you finished... What did you rate it?47 unread / 47Shawnkeenan, January 2012
Where exactly are you in your twenties?305 unread / 305Kira.Burgoyne, December 2011
What author have you come to love this year?51 unread / 51DeusExLibrus, October 2011
20-Something Authors21 unread / 21girlfromshangrila, September 2011
What are your top 5 recomended books?45 unread / 45heidio, August 2011
How manys days notice to give when leaving a job?5 unread / 5CurrLee33, July 2011
Reviews29 unread / 29mene, April 2011
What do you do when you're not reading?78 unread / 78philae_02, March 2011
I need help with Pandigital1 unread / 1honeydew69862004, March 2011
GenY Career Handbook1 unread / 1steffercat, February 2011
What's your favorite book in your library?131 unread / 131johannes_reiter, January 2011
What character reminds you of yourself?26 unread / 26DanielClausen, October 2010
What do you do when you're reading?79 unread / 79Surt, October 2010
Crime: Possession with Intent to Sell2 unread / 2jordantaylor, September 2010
Lifelong Readers61 unread / 61jordantaylor, September 2010
Adulthood17 unread / 17katelisim, September 2010
Books Read in High School English47 unread / 47TineOliver, July 2010
Opinions on new challenge groups.8 unread / 8GoofyOcean110, September 2009
Would anyone want a book club5 unread / 5KRN0330, August 2009
Books for Christmas35 unread / 35TheOnlyMe, January 2009
Historical fiction contest on my blog...1 unread / 1k00kaburra, October 2008
Call for Submissions, African American Anthology1 unread / 1LheaJLove, September 2008
Running a contest on my blog for Neil Gaiman books...1 unread / 1k00kaburra, August 2008
Anyone remember those Scholastic Book Clubs from grade school?41 unread / 41lycomayflower, April 2008
English class30 unread / 30LostMuse, March 2008
Changing reader preferences17 unread / 17ambushedbyasnail, March 2008
Happy New Years!7 unread / 7nperrin, January 2008
Merry Christmas7 unread / 7LheaJLove, December 2007
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