Anne Rice fans

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For fans of Anne Rice's books

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The Wolf Gift5 unread / 5Rikudouensof, June 2018
The Vampire Chronicles Reading Order2 unread / 2Rikudouensof, June 2018
Reading order????2 unread / 2wifilibrarian, January 2018
New vampire chronicle! Prince lestat due in October 20141 unread / 1wifilibrarian, April 2014
My Anne Rice Collection1 unread / 1beatles1964, September 2011
Lestat13 unread / 13beatles1964, April 2011
Aaron Lightner of The Talamasca1 unread / 1beatles1964, September 2010
Boycott Anne Rice29 unread / 29beatles1964, December 2009
A new interview with Anne1 unread / 1emromanow, February 2009
Memnoch the Devil6 unread / 6billemsick, June 2008
Anne Rice fans Message Board14 unread / 14beatles1964, January 2008
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