Writer's Brag and Rag Bag

A place for writers to talk about their own work without fear of flagging. LibraryThing Authors are welcome (and encouraged) but neophytes can play along, too. It is suggested that, if you ARE a writer, you strive to answer any serious question about your work, your habits, your techniques, in the hope that a friendly, sharing environment will help create new, vital works.

Or if you just want to brag about finding an agent, landing a book deal or getting interest from a movie producer, that's fine too!

It may be that this group could engender a story-critiquing coterie, collaborative opportunities with other writers, name-sharing for agent-hunters or a list of available markets. Any of these possibilities is wonderful, but please make sure that your threads are titled unambiguously so that those who simply aren't interested in what a gerund is or how much a first advance should be can move on to something else.

Welcome, writers. Have fun!

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