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Saving the world one book at a time!

This group is designed for people who are interested in learning more about social and political hot topics through reading books and discussing current events. We seek to educate ourselves and each other and are not content to look the other way at the injustices in the world around us. Though we may not have the resources to place ourselves at the front lines of war zones, through books we are willing to hear and share the stories told by others.

Thanks for joining or at least stopping by! Feel free to comment on any of the threads or start your own thread talking about a book you'd like to share with others in the group!

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What are you reading in March 2011?1 unread / 1sweetiegherkin, March 2011
Mornings in Jenin2 unread / 2vitalstatistics, August 2010
The Translator - and The Translator a Tribesman's Memoir of Darfur - Conflated4 unread / 4DubaiReader, August 2010
Burned Alive:A Survivor of an "Honor Killing" Speaks Oot4 unread / 4DubaiReader, August 2010
What are you reading now?30 unread / 30dgcox, August 2009
I am actively working on these topics1 unread / 1dgcox, August 2009
What is the What9 unread / 9GoofyOcean110, June 2009
Is anybody still visiting here?15 unread / 15Essa, June 2009
I Want to Help....But Don't Know How...3 unread / 3GoofyOcean110, June 2009
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Current news from Sudan1 unread / 1elbakerone, March 2009
Ceasefire declared in Darfur2 unread / 2Essa, November 2008
Add Your Voice1 unread / 1elbakerone, October 2008
Reading and Blogging for Darfur2 unread / 2DevourerOfBooks, September 2008
Long Way Gone6 unread / 6savedbyhisblood, August 2008
Arrest warrant for Sudan's President3 unread / 3EncompassedRunner, July 2008
AIDS Orphans Rising (ER book)5 unread / 5elbakerone, June 2008
Darfur information resources8 unread / 8EncompassedRunner, May 2008
Another Article1 unread / 1elbakerone, April 2008
Welcome!22 unread / 22Pandababy, April 2008
Spielberg Snubbing Olympics23 unread / 23Pandababy, April 2008
Something fun...12 unread / 12Nycticebus, April 2008
U.S. to scale back aid14 unread / 14elbakerone, March 2008
Banditry, bombings threaten U.N. aid in Darfur9 unread / 9oregonobsessionz, March 2008
We Are All Zaghawa Now9 unread / 9elbakerone, February 2008
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