Cryptic Crosswords

This is a group for anyone interested in cryptic crosswords. It is intended as a forum for discussion of solving guides, reference works, puzzle collections, and other relevant books.

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Exclusive to English?18 unread / 18EMS_24, September 17
Cryptic All-Stars Volume 31 unread / 1cpg, May 2019
Araucaria3 unread / 3abbottthomas, November 2013
Buying cryptic puzzle books in U.S7 unread / 7dtw42, January 2013
Cross NOTW crosswords24 unread / 24ed.pendragon, May 2012
Honour for the Master4 unread / 4dtw42, July 2011
An aid to pronunciation?25 unread / 25ed.pendragon, July 2011
The dreaded DA.3 unread / 3socialpages, March 2010
Anagrams...?8 unread / 8kathymoo, February 2010
Colin Dexter's new crossword solving guide7 unread / 7justjim, December 2009
Crossword Programme on BBC45 unread / 5justjim, December 2009
How to solve advanced ("variety") cryptics2 unread / 2SimonHarris, August 2009
National Puzzlers' League Cryptic Crosswords - free download1 unread / 1brunellus, June 2009
Crossword articles in today's Times (inc. championship qualifier)1 unread / 1brunellus, March 2009
Reprint of Afrit's Armchair Crosswords (978-0955540028)1 unread / 1brunellus, March 2009
The D-Day crossword.6 unread / 6skoobdo, February 2009
Clever clues4 unread / 4kathymoo, February 2009
Hang Man puzzle4 unread / 4Thrin, December 2008
New edition of Chambers Dictionary9 unread / 9PossMan, September 2008
Clues4 unread / 4brunellus, June 2008
New Solving Guides7 unread / 7PossMan, June 2008
Pretty Girl in Crimson Rose(8)2 unread / 2brunellus, June 2008
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