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This is the online teen book club initiated by the San Jose Public Library. We exchange information about the books we read, the books we love and the ones we hate. All teens are welcome to join and share.
Please limit posts to book discussion. Be nice :-)

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Any book recommendations?30 unread / 30Corsiva, April 2014
what horror novel have you read and recommend?3 unread / 3lauren.g.coleman, March 2014
Ellen Hopkins8 unread / 8Booksloth, November 2012
has anyone read the hunger games series?12 unread / 12Corsiva, August 2012
Hey I'm New, What about you?! :)4 unread / 4Corsiva, August 2012
help !3 unread / 3Corsiva, August 2012
hey, teenage writer 'n' reader3 unread / 3gamecrazy78, July 2012
Latest in my read1 unread / 1gamecrazy78, June 2012
Sarah Dessen books.4 unread / 4Godlike, April 2012
New Books11 unread / 11taz1030, January 2012
TTYL5 unread / 5VampireGodess, January 2012
Vampire Diaries7 unread / 7taz1030, July 2011
Crank by Ellen Hopkins8 unread / 8nele95, February 2011
Anyone finished Breaking Dawn yet?16 unread / 16nele95, February 2011
Strange Angels?4 unread / 4nele95, February 2011
Gilda Joyce: Psychic Investigator1 unread / 1Kostyusha, June 2010
Speak10 unread / 10Ashley12345, February 2010
What are you reading in January?5 unread / 5pageturnerblog, February 2010
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows9 unread / 9pageturnerblog, January 2010
The Boys Next Door3 unread / 3hannahmcvay, January 2010
Fat Girl by Judith Moore1 unread / 1hannahmcvay, October 2009
the Vampirates Series1 unread / 1LadyBookHermit, July 2009
American Born Chinese2 unread / 2cecilia43, May 2009
Year of the Dog4 unread / 4cecilia43, May 2009
Speak1 unread / 1nele95, April 2009
If I Pay Thee Not In Gold1 unread / 1nele95, April 2009
Twilight series21 unread / 21nele95, April 2009
Libraries banning books1 unread / 1nele95, April 2009
free2discuss contest1 unread / 1SJPLYA, December 2008
Suite Scarlett2 unread / 2xofalloutgurl08, November 2008
The Luxe5 unread / 5xofalloutgurl08, November 2008
How To Be Bad1 unread / 1bubblybritt48, July 2008
Breaking Dawn predictions?2 unread / 2pencil_nerd, July 2008
Sold (novel)1 unread / 1mrowic, July 2008
Movies based on Books1 unread / 1pencil_nerd, July 2008
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