Felony & Mayhem Press

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For fans of the mystery and espionage imprint Felony & Mayhem, and its devoted republishing of excellent, quirky, and neglected works. (Or fans of those works, outside the new editions from Felony & Mayhem.)
From the long-neglected website, their categories include:

Set in or around the UK, these feature the highly literate, often witty prose that fans of British mystery demand.
Example: The Killings at Badger’s Drift, by Caroline Graham

We think of these as classy cozies. There is little gunplay or gore, but often a fair amount of humor and – always – an intrepid amateur sleuth.
Example: Landscape of Lies, by Peter Watson

From the Ancient World to the 1940s, and everything in between.
Example: Ovid, by David Wishart

Mean streets and meaner bad guys, with a cop or a PI usually carrying the story and landing a few punches besides.
Example: Belshazzar’s Daughter, by Barbara Nadel

Spies and conspiracies, from WWI to the present.
Example: The Cambridge Theorem, by Tony Cape

Originally published prior to about 1965, these promise the kind of twisty, ingenious puzzles beloved by fans of Agatha Christie and the Golden Age of Detective Fiction.
Example:The Case of the Gilded Fly, by Edmund Crispin

Authors include: Edmund Crispin, Elizabeth Daly, Elizabeth Ironside, Margery Allingham, Barbara Nadel, Nicholas Freeling, Peter Dickinson, David Wishart, John Malcolm, Robert Barnard, Reginald Hill, Peter Lovesey, S.F.X. Dean, Tony Broadbent, Donald M. Westlake, Sheila Radley, William Marshall, Robert Cullen, Paul Mann, Carolyn Hougan, Liza Cody, Julian Symons, Marissa Piesman, Stuart M. Kaminsky (in no particular order).

The Press' own website is long out of date, though their reprints appear to be going strong. Find a list here:


Many can also be found, with reviews, here:


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