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How many book lists are there floating around out there? The "1001 list" tells us we're literary failures, the "banned book" list tells us we're rebels, and now there's the "EW 100 New Classics" list. Can we take more?

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BBC Big Read5 unread / 5LesMiserables, April 2019
Abandoned books3 unread / 3Cecrow, September 2017
1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die8 unread / 8deldevries, March 2016
List Lists in this List20 unread / 20Sandydog1, August 2015
501 Must-Read Books28 unread / 28Cecrow, March 2014
The Best Short Story Collections of all time22 unread / 22Cecrow, March 2014
The 100 Best English-Language Novels since 19003 unread / 3mcenroeucsb, June 2012
Around the world in 80 sleuths11 unread / 11pgmcc, November 2011
NPR 100 Sci-Fi / Fantasy2 unread / 2theapparatus, October 2011
Combined lists of best lists6 unread / 6WordMaven, June 2011
Metro's Pick of 2009's Crime Fiction1 unread / 1wonderlake, December 2009
50 best cult books4 unread / 4Sandydog1, December 2009
Best Books for 20091 unread / 1socialpages, November 2009
Links to lists3 unread / 3plekter, May 2009
Guardian's 1000 Novels Everyone Must Read.6 unread / 6Morphidae, April 2009
The EW 100 New Classics List18 unread / 18trinah, February 2009
Banned Books lists2 unread / 2Ambrosia4, February 2009
Compilation of "Best Books of 2008/the Year" Lists23 unread / 23bookjones, January 2009
Book Lust Group Read4 unread / 4HannahHolborn, August 2008
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