Twilight Group

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This group will discuss the books and read the book, but you can join if you have already read them. It is for people or kids of all ages!

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What did you all think?40 unread / 40Aquali96, May 2009
These books r sooo adicting!!4 unread / 4joseyrose, March 2009
Twilight movie... did any of you see it?4 unread / 4Demon, February 2009
Birthdays1 unread / 1csm52494, January 2009
new people50 unread / 50csm52494, January 2009
Interesting observation about Twilight groups1 unread / 1countrylife, October 2008
Midnight Sun5 unread / 5Demon, October 2008
Need a meeting!16 unread / 16frances114, October 2008
OMGOSH!!10 unread / 10csm52494, September 2008
Twilight Movie Trailer (NEW!)14 unread / 14Demon, September 2008
Breaking Dawn Midnight Release29 unread / 29frances114, August 2008
Breaking Dawn review contest1 unread / 1ablachly, July 2008
Tonight's meeting!2 unread / 2The_Book_Queen, July 2008
new group1 unread / 1csm52494, July 2008
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