The Brontës

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For all things Brontë - the original novels and poems, any modern novels, and so on.

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Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre jewelry from the British Library3 unread / 3clarelouise, May 2012
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Juliet Barker's The Brontës & upcoming films15 unread / 15mooingzelda, May 2011
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? somewhat new to several classics13 unread / 13katylit, August 2010
Folio Society publishing Bewick's "History of British Birds"1 unread / 1CurrerBell, May 2010
Becoming Jane Eyre2 unread / 2profilerSR, February 2010
MESSAGE BOARD7 unread / 7Herenya, January 2010
Does anyone know how to split off entire works from an author page?6 unread / 6ElizabethPotter, November 2009
Who is your favorite Brontë?27 unread / 27jfetting, November 2009
Which character do you most identify with?10 unread / 10CurrerBell, November 2009
The crimes of Charlotte Bronte3 unread / 3celiacardun, July 2009
Thank you for joining!31 unread / 31celiacardun, June 2009
The Taste of Sorrow2 unread / 2ElizabethPotter, May 2009
Elizabeth Gaskell5 unread / 5CurrerBell, May 2009
A Second Reading15 unread / 15celiacardun, May 2009
For those who have money..3 unread / 3bleuroses, April 2009
Secret Crimes of Charlotte Bronte3 unread / 3TheTortoise, April 2009
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