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For fans of Dorothy L. Sayers, particularly the Lord Peter Wimsey novels

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An actor for Lord Peter?5 unread / 5lilithcat, October 2020
Talking Piffle Message Board28 unread / 28alaudacorax, July 2019
Which of the books is this bit of business from?5 unread / 5alaudacorax, October 2017
A Presumption of Death by Jill Paton Walsh8 unread / 8alaudacorax, September 2017
On dormancy & hardcovers9 unread / 9lilithcat, September 2017
Oops! and Ouch!3 unread / 3alaudacorax, September 2017
Edward Petherbridge2 unread / 2alaudacorax, September 2017
'Nods to' or 'cameos of' Lord Peter in modern novels11 unread / 11alaudacorax, September 2017
Shocked and appalled!10 unread / 10gen50, February 2014
Lord Peter Wimsey movies13 unread / 13rithebard, May 2012
"As My Whimsy Takes Me" Challenge6 unread / 6sarahemmm, February 2011
Common Knowledge3 unread / 3parelle, January 2008
Favorite pifflers in the books12 unread / 12parelle, July 2007
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