BROM!!!!(from Eragon)

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Brom is awesome and Eragon is a wonderful book 5 stars! And I am indeed sad that Brom died.... This is a group about Eragon and Broms training together and your thoughts and ideas about it all!

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Book 4 Dragon2 unread / 2skidney1, March 2009
Which dragon is the best in the first 3 books?2 unread / 2skidney1, March 2009
Who is a better mentor-Brom or Oromis?9 unread / 9skidney1, March 2009
Book Four Dragon(AKA Now Greeni1 unread / 1Journey07, October 2008
age warning2 unread / 2Journey07, October 2008
Your Predictions6 unread / 6cherrybob, October 2008
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