Bits for Brits

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An interest group for British people.

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Is there anyone out there, from the UK?5 unread / 5DorianG, April 2010
ABE - good thing or bad thing ?19 unread / 19Booksloth, January 2010
Faavourite British authors25 unread / 25Booksloth, November 2008
Need edgy YA book by British author6 unread / 6librarianjojo, September 2008
Books you really hate ...6 unread / 6SmithSJ01, September 2008
Firs hand or second hand, which is best ?11 unread / 11Teresa40, June 2008
Isn't this a quiet group ..6 unread / 6SmithSJ01, June 2008
Book Events in the UK.5 unread / 5SmithSJ01, April 2008
Has anyone familiar with Phil Rickman's books?1 unread / 1tarotman, October 2007
Small publishers3 unread / 3nickhoonaloon, April 2007
Welcome!17 unread / 17nickhoonaloon, December 2006
Message Board2 unread / 2nickhoonaloon, October 2006
Article in The Sunday Times5 unread / 5alicebook, September 2006
What's the other Brit group?3 unread / 3hazelk, August 2006
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