Recommend Site Improvements

A place to make recommendations for functions or features you'd like to see incorporate into LibraryThing. Sometimes known as "Recommended Site Improvements."

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Member Defined Favorite Tagmashes4 unread / 4SandraArdnas, Today 9:55am
LT's insistence that one MUST have a "gmail" address.24 unread / 24MarthaJeanne, Today 4:00am
LT User Book Description should be moved17 unread / 17paradoxosalpha, Sunday 10:31pm
Where do I find "create a series"3 unread / 3MarthaJeanne, Sunday 2:16am
Better navigation in Connection News and Add Books1 unread / 1LolaWalser, September 17
Default eBook Cover47 unread / 47lorax, September 17
Personalizing Checkmarks?18 unread / 18Nevov, September 16
Work appearing twice in a series2 unread / 2Nevov, September 16
Date discarded72 unread / 72MarthaJeanne, September 15
Author's works by publication date11 unread / 11Aquila, September 13
Adding Books Via Manual Entry4 unread / 4TimSharrock, September 13
Member recommendations UI10 unread / 10SandraArdnas, September 13
Bulk addition of serials7 unread / 7GraemeLyall, September 12
The TAG page display9 unread / 9bnielsen, September 11
International book purchases / swaps9 unread / 9sarahemmm, September 11
Shared Authors1 unread / 1JoeB1934, September 10
Marking topics with a link as the subject as spam54 unread / 542wonderY, September 10
Improve the "Authors" tab32 unread / 32knerd.knitter, September 9
Close the round-trip export/import loop for LT data.76 unread / 76librisissimo, September 7
Share feature7 unread / 7riskedom, August 29
A few more US/Canada/Australia Z39.50s to add7 unread / 7navistar96, August 27
Michif Language Addition1 unread / 1revitalizemichif, August 23
free books13 unread / 13C_Rayburn, August 23
Need an auto save for reviews10 unread / 10AndreasJ, August 22
Request new field: Table of Contents33 unread / 33Crypto-Willobie, August 21
Vous et Nul Autre6 unread / 6jane.anderson, August 20
Author gender help text8 unread / 8jane.anderson, August 20
Bring back the author nationalities!110 unread / 110jane.anderson, August 20
App crashing6 unread / 6conceptDawg, August 17
adding codes13 unread / 13gilroy, August 16
Metric Dimensions83 unread / 83Nicole_VanK, August 16
Field for book condition3 unread / 3Keeline, August 10
Field for book edition11 unread / 11paradoxosalpha, August 9
Genres8 unread / 8GraemeLyall, August 9
Field for Price Paid2 unread / 2norabelle414, August 7
More Information on my authors list5 unread / 5gilroy, August 3
Media3 unread / 3GraemeLyall, August 3
Adding "OtherCallNumber" to "Add books" and to "Quick edit"2 unread / 2gilroy, August 2
Shelving Location Field12 unread / 12Crypto-Willobie, August 2
Exporting Tagmash Results2 unread / 2aspirit, July 26
Series Editing - Add to/Organize (Specific Group)5 unread / 5Maddz, July 26
'Stop list' words misapplied in other languages21 unread / 21Cynfelyn, July 25
Intra-series navigation5 unread / 5gilroy, July 25
a link to find ignored threads for just that group on the group page.1 unread / 1Bettesbooks, July 17
Import excel to update user fields of all books in my library11 unread / 11bnielsen, July 16
Finish/improve Reading Timeline11 unread / 11fvenez, July 16
A place to view or search all Published Reviews10 unread / 10paradoxosalpha, July 15
Chapter title / Song title options18 unread / 18Ennas, July 10
Notify me by email when someone responds to my discussion.10 unread / 10LolaWalser, June 30
Provide option to turn off or disable green auto-generated data7 unread / 7Nicole_VanK, June 29
New sources in Switzerland: Swisscovery and Renouvaud30 unread / 30lesmel, June 28
Remove the Beta Private Book Checkbox16 unread / 16r.orrison, June 24
Giveaway wants ISBN but I only have ASIN8 unread / 8lorax, June 18
Looking for a way to indent/ include spacing in a review8 unread / 8bnielsen, June 18
Include main authors on relationships and touchstones2 unread / 2AndreasJ, June 16
Work Relationships1 unread / 1andyl, June 16
Works filter in search1 unread / 1Maddz, June 7
Cover flags: add "poor quality" flag, or alternatively a thumbs-up for good covers11 unread / 11MarthaJeanne, June 6
Preserving series information in the workbench9 unread / 9SandraArdnas, May 26
Being able to check out books8 unread / 8paradoxosalpha, May 24
Limit tag count to 1 per user per work (not per copy, nor per alias)12 unread / 12norabelle414, May 23
Cover-tags & Story-tags16 unread / 16Cloverlimes, May 23
Language-site specific profile pages13 unread / 13Cynfelyn, May 20
Recommendations3 unread / 3lorax, May 20
Rqeuested: Touchstones for Divided Authors2 unread / 2lorax, May 20
Dark mode10 unread / 10kristilabrie, May 12
MARKDOWN FORMAT REQUEST11 unread / 11rosalita, May 11
Duplicating Records3 unread / 3Keeline, May 8
Overcat, Undercat, manual entries...32 unread / 32superboy, April 26
Changes to Cover Flags and Voting8 unread / 8lemontwist, April 25
Cataloguing sets of books16 unread / 16bnielsen, April 25
Make it possible to retract flagging a cover10 unread / 10gilroy, April 24
Media Option15 unread / 15ironjaw, April 22
"On This Day" suggestion35 unread / 35Doondeck, April 19
Blocking Members8 unread / 8WholeHouseLibrary, April 16
CK: Publisher's Editors -- add "Last, first"9 unread / 9karenb, April 13
correct touchstone3 unread / 32wonderY, April 13
Upload reading guides10 unread / 10UnityChurch, April 12
string.trim() the text fields on app1 unread / 1brycenesbitt, April 10
Author Quotes aggregated from CK1 unread / 1paradoxosalpha, April 7
Series Touchstones in Talk6 unread / 6humouress, April 4
Tweek CK Important Events / Battle of the Bulge (1944|1945)8 unread / 8Cynfelyn, April 4
Ignore topics difficult navigate4 unread / 4amanda4242, April 1
Statistics for Personal Call Number System4 unread / 4melannen, April 1
In "show quick edit" include edition & change cover7 unread / 7lilithcat, March 26
In "Add to your books" also search your own library (resist duplicates!)2 unread / 2gilroy, March 24
Make submitting for import fail if column headers aren't as expected8 unread / 8r.orrison, March 23
Inventory inside android app4 unread / 4brycenesbitt, March 22
Work mentions in ignored groups5 unread / 5gilroy, March 22
Visual Verification of Shelving Status in App1 unread / 1brycenesbitt, March 22
Let me add LCCN on manual entry7 unread / 7brycenesbitt, March 21
Proposed Workflow Improvements in LibraryThing App1 unread / 1brycenesbitt, March 21
Export ISBN only3 unread / 3brycenesbitt, March 21
Keep track of "not found" ISBNs with timestamp in the app2 unread / 2brycenesbitt, March 20
Adding JISC Library Hub Discover8 unread / 8tomroper, March 12
Missing details in JSON export7 unread / 7ltji_test, March 10
You and only legacy libraries11 unread / 11gilroy, March 10
Support for more language codes4 unread / 4gcthomas, March 7
"similar in this catalog" under recommendations??1 unread / 1AHHSWG, March 4
Reading progress in a book.5 unread / 5quasar, March 2
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