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KNOCKED UP!!!!!!! w/ONOMASTICUS FŒ‎TALIS64 unread / 64LolaWalser, February 3
Greatest french book... ever... ( this is not a hitlist - this is not a hitlist- this is not a Aaarg93 unread / 93Macumbeira, May 2022
Is everything just too awful for words?12 unread / 12Meredy, April 2020
Le Salon reads the Iliad80 unread / 80LolaWalser, April 2020
The Manifold Destiny of Eddie Vegas30 unread / 30RickHarsch, July 2019
What are you doing, what is happenin', RIGHT THIS MINUTE?93 unread / 93LolaWalser, June 2019
Strange goings on at the Salon8 unread / 8LolaWalser, June 2019
Books that should be read before 3057 unread / 57LolaWalser, June 2019
Roll call10 unread / 10LolaWalser, June 2019
Stills from "Majstor i Margarita", 197254 unread / 54LolaWalser, June 2019
Latest book read1 unread / 1LolaWalser, June 2019
Welcome to Le Salon, III21 unread / 21LolaWalser, June 2019
Index Librorum Prohibitorum ("List of Prohibited Books")26 unread / 26LolaWalser, June 2019
Trite Nonsense Thread, Part Deux95 unread / 95LolaWalser, June 2019
for those of us who don't speak French32 unread / 32LolaWalser, June 2019
The Royal Way35 unread / 35LolaWalser, June 2019
Moby Dick redux: dedicated to Melvillians everywhere23 unread / 23LolaWalser, June 2019
Trashy Group Read: Now Accepting Nominations37 unread / 37LolaWalser, June 2019
Le Rant48 unread / 48LolaWalser, June 2019
Maestro, music!38 unread / 38LolaWalser, June 2019
KARAMAZOV: The Devil and Ivan: Discussion Thread19 unread / 19christinediane, October 2018
The shamelessly CUTE animal thread, vol. 500757 unread / 57mstrust, October 2016
CUTENESS: The Salon stays cute159 unread / 159LolaWalser, July 2015
Communism, hypnotism and the Beatles18 unread / 18quicksiva, April 2015
Awesome Anthologies409 unread / 409imtiyazdavla, March 2015
CUTENESS: Cute keeps the Salon alive, and me too.151 unread / 1512wonderY, March 2015
And so we begin Alter278 unread / 278dchaikin, January 2015
Foreign language dictionaries on devices4 unread / 4henkmet, December 2014
CUTENESS: Cute keeps the Salon alive156 unread / 156Mr.Durick, December 2014
CUTENESS: Cute peps us up after a long session in the Tanakh153 unread / 153Sandydog1, September 2014
Halp? (a completely selfish request from a Cowboy to his peers)9 unread / 9aethercowboy, June 2014
Nature, le nature, la natura, plnats, poesie, an occasional book reference, and whatever else sprout437 unread / 437janeajones, May 2014
KARAMAZOV: PART 4 Epilogue: Discussion Thread35 unread / 35Macumbeira, April 2014
More A_Musing?420 unread / 420A_musing, April 2014
Salonista reviews61 unread / 61tomcatMurr, February 2014
Double Intermission - The First Historical Novel?31 unread / 31dchaikin, February 2014
Rebel Read: Aspects of the Novel95 unread / 95anna_in_pdx, February 2014
Alter Intermission IV - The Return60 unread / 60JDHomrighausen, January 2014
El Perro de Arena's INTERNATIONAL Juke Box97 unread / 97Sandydog1, January 2014
CUTENESS: Cute keeps the Salon alive as we wait for Yukio Mishima to come back aboard156 unread / 156vy0123, January 2014
Scary SongFest for Hauntober!50 unread / 50varielle, December 2013
Does anyone here attend the First Friday Book Club at Kepler's?1 unread / 1Meredy, December 2013
CUTENESS: Cute lacks the serious intent of Le Salon...156 unread / 156Sandydog1, November 2013
Group read of a novel in progress?30 unread / 30Macumbeira, October 2013
CUTENESS: What are cute animal pictures doing in Le Salon...?154 unread / 154guido47, October 2013
How should artists respond to neglect?15 unread / 15RickHarsch, October 2013
Mishima: The Decay of the Angel. The Sea of Fertility finally ends.9 unread / 9MeditationesMartini, October 2013
The Book of Matt16 unread / 16Macumbeira, September 2013
Favorite authors: Rick Harsch24 unread / 24RickHarsch, September 2013
CUTENESS: cats and other cutenesses cuting on the Salon201 unread / 201Mr.Durick, September 2013
Sports!53 unread / 53RickHarsch, September 2013
Happy Birthday 460 unread / 60A_musing, September 2013
Favorite word of the day 2426 unread / 426RickHarsch, August 2013
Favourite Haiku154 unread / 154RickHarsch, August 2013
NEW MISHIMA THREAD37 unread / 37Mr.Durick, August 2013
CUTENESS: How Annoying Is It?! The pondering continues.200 unread / 200LolaWalser, August 2013
baseball1 unread / 1RickHarsch, July 2013
Thumbs for Harry Mac5 unread / 5RickHarsch, July 2013
Giving up on a book38 unread / 38varielle, July 2013
On what a 'carnivore', who loves 'baby lambs', should do?25 unread / 25guido47, July 2013
Alter Intermission III - The Story So Far100 unread / 100dchaikin, July 2013
The CUTE CONTINUES! vol. XXIVXCMDOMGWTF154 unread / 154LolaWalser, June 2013
The Pimpers and the Pimped, VII176 unread / 176solla, June 2013
Olivia Manning10 unread / 10rebeccanyc, June 2013
Runaway Horses155 unread / 155RickHarsch, June 2013
Welcome to the Salon II330 unread / 330Sandydog1, June 2013
Lydia who ?4 unread / 4Macumbeira, May 2013
Dilettantes er, Generalists Unlimited103 unread / 103RickHarsch, May 2013
TEH CUTE ROLLS ON!! ALL CAPS ALERT ALERT!152 unread / 152LolaWalser, May 2013
John Fowles anyone ?25 unread / 25MeditationesMartini, May 2013
Anthony Burgess7 unread / 7Macumbeira, May 2013
Mishima, tetralogy, by god, the whole fucking thing!356 unread / 356StoneBridgePress, May 2013
Stupid comment of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!21 unread / 21ALWINN, May 2013
Earthly Powers7 unread / 7RickHarsch, May 2013
Quotes about writers and writing2 unread / 2RickHarsch, May 2013
What's it about?65 unread / 65Macumbeira, April 2013
PIGLETS! BIRDIES! PUPPIES! KITTENS! COLLECT 'EM ALL!!127 unread / 127LolaWalser, April 2013
General13 unread / 13LolaWalser, April 2013
Can one avoid Amazon ?43 unread / 43Macumbeira, April 2013
Desperately Seeking23 unread / 23A_musing, April 2013
Promote Your Blog or Book or Group or Dissertation or Poem or Whatever Right Here124 unread / 124Karla.Brandenburg, April 2013
Check out this craaaaazy story!20 unread / 20anna_in_pdx, April 2013
Victor Segalen “les Immemoriaux”37 unread / 37Macumbeira, April 2013
The KYOOT PREVAILS!181 unread / 181LolaWalser, April 2013
Анна Каренина30 unread / 30Macumbeira, March 2013
Prep for the rebellious Biblical read96 unread / 96FlorenceArt, March 2013
What are the best English and American novels of the 20th century?54 unread / 54Sandydog1, March 2013
Alter and a tour of a sea bed132 unread / 132FlorenceArt, March 2013
BEWARE: CUTE ANIMALS INSIDE207 unread / 207LolaWalser, March 2013
Góngora, Sor Juana, and the Baroque27 unread / 27mejix, February 2013
Great Moments in Literature11 unread / 11RickHarsch, February 2013
Alter intermission II - Peak and fall and pondering the nature of the propaganda122 unread / 122dchaikin, February 2013
99 Novels: The Best in English since 1939176 unread / 176rainpebble, February 2013
Music to go with Master & Margarita2 unread / 2Macumbeira, January 2013
Y KANT SALON READS: Master list44 unread / 44MeditationesMartini, January 2013
Salonostalgia8 unread / 8MeditationesMartini, January 2013
A new year, and disaster old and new.1 unread / 1RickHarsch, January 2013
Don't call us: literature that couldn't have existed in the age of cellphones15 unread / 15tomcatMurr, January 2013
2012 Reading Oscars41 unread / 41MeditationesMartini, January 2013
henk's reading48 unread / 48henkmet, January 2013
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