Book Care and Repair

This group is for discussions of, well, book care and repair! If you have questions about how to care for your books, ask here, and if you can answer someone's question, please do. Let's share resources, too.

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Pinned — Resources8 unread / 8lilithcat, January 18
Pinned — Welcome!14 unread / 14cbellia, November 2021
How to prevent mold in a tropical climate?24 unread / 24MaureenRoy, February 13
Post-it note residue3 unread / 3mr.philistine, December 25, 2023
How to clean this white "mold" from leather back?12 unread / 12mr.philistine, October 2023
Can I repair damage to a old leather back book, without disassembling it? (Small "pull out book with finger damage")3 unread / 3TELJET, September 2023
Damaged cover repair/mitigation15 unread / 15Glacierman, August 2023
Book Grading30 unread / 30Keeline, July 2023
Help; I think I’ve got book mites4 unread / 4humouress, June 2023
Ways to Protect Books from Termites13 unread / 13humouress, June 2023
Repairing a tear in glossy paper13 unread / 13Glacierman, June 2023
Removing the smell of incense or similar perfumes2 unread / 2Glacierman, June 2023
page cleaning12 unread / 12varielle, May 2023
Sewn and glued book hinge is unglued14 unread / 14Keeline, May 2023
OT: A Books About Books project4 unread / 4Glacierman, April 2023
CANCELLED: "Caring for Your Personal - Collections: A Conservator’s View" - Virtual Lecture, 3/25/232 unread / 2lilithcat, February 2023
Restaining/ Repairing stained or silverfish/moth eaten cloth cover HBacks15 unread / 15varielle, February 2023
"Conservation of a Medieval Chained Binding" - Virtual Lecture, 2/18/231 unread / 1lilithcat, February 2023
Dusting books21 unread / 21mr.philistine, January 2023
Foxing or mold?6 unread / 6lagamine, January 2023
Stain removal from paper10 unread / 10kdweber, January 2023
Climate Change and Book Preservation1 unread / 1genesisdiem, January 2023
covering a hardback book6 unread / 6poppycocteau, December 2022
Stickers on book jackets5 unread / 5DuncanHill, December 2022
De-Sticky Book Jacket Covers21 unread / 21HermeticHermit, November 2022
Removing foxing11 unread / 11fayevert, November 2022
Toxic bindings!11 unread / 11fayevert, November 2022
Protect exterior of slipcase with scotchguard "like" material.20 unread / 20fayevert, November 2022
Technical terms18 unread / 18fayevert, October 2022
Split endpaper and acidic newspaper clip on this 90 year old book9 unread / 9terebinth, October 2022
How to reattach center page to stitched signature?3 unread / 3mr.philistine, September 2022
Un-creasing and Un-folding paper9 unread / 9maisiedotes, September 2022
Oak Knoll Sale on Bookbinding Titles1 unread / 1lilithcat, August 2022
How to know if foxing is mold that will spread6 unread / 6Glacierman, July 2022
Have you ever taken a book to Asia for months or longer? What about the humidity?15 unread / 15humouress, April 2022
Books fit really tightly in slipcase after adding DJ protectors6 unread / 6Keeline, April 2022
Conservator needed for a bug eradication in SW England1 unread / 1Andy_Dingley, March 2022
Cracked hinges21 unread / 21RickFlair, January 2022
Book Glue10 unread / 10Glacierman, December 2021
Repairing a damaged slipcase15 unread / 15SamQTrust, November 2021
Getting rid of foul odors from used books37 unread / 37SamQTrust, November 2021
Repairing a crease in the spine of a cloth-bound book3 unread / 3mr.philistine, October 2021
Spots on book fore edge11 unread / 11ironjaw, October 2021
Fumigation2 unread / 2Glacierman, October 2021
Broken / Detached / Split Book Hinge6 unread / 6Glacierman, September 2021
How to distinguish between mold and acceptable foxing?8 unread / 8Glacierman, July 2021
Tape stuck to book colored dust jacket2 unread / 2JerryMmm, June 2021
Cloth covers & liquid spot3 unread / 3Glacierman, June 2021
Book Warping?7 unread / 7Glacierman, May 2021
Is this evidence of previous mold on my endpapers or dirt?6 unread / 6Glacierman, May 2021
Books in shrink wrap13 unread / 13Glacierman, May 2021
Storing pamphlets6 unread / 6Keeline, May 2021
Can Foxing Happen on Coated Paper?1 unread / 1Acsis, May 2021
Crushed corners7 unread / 7ironjaw, April 2021
Just bought LEC - Way of All Flesh. What should I do to the leather?13 unread / 13ironjaw, April 2021
Help Needed16 unread / 16mortalalliance, March 2021
Seeking Group Administrator5 unread / 5anglemark, January 2021
Help! Need to termite tent a house with 3000 books!2 unread / 22wonderY, January 2021
Climate Controlled Storage Facilities6 unread / 6ulmannc, January 2021
Limited Editions Club recommended a product called "Leather Vita"3 unread / 3MsMixte, January 2021
How much does this foxing reduce the value?14 unread / 14cbellia, December 2020
Any ideas on cleaning cloth and buckram bindings?15 unread / 15varielle, September 2020
PVA glue to fix this slipcase?3 unread / 3kdweber, August 2020
A small puncture and other mild flaws to my LEC4 unread / 4kdweber, August 2020
How would you grade and repair this book? Would you repair it?10 unread / 10RickFlair, August 2020
Covers Stuck Together After Being in Storage5 unread / 5GreggMcG, August 2020
Library book circulation and cleaning during a pandemic10 unread / 10lesmel, August 2020
Do de-acid sprays like this work without wrinkling or damaging the pages?4 unread / 4jonsweitzerlamme, August 2020
Hardback decorative binding cord detached. Pictures inside.12 unread / 12Glacierman, July 2020
UV filter17 unread / 17U_238, July 2020
Are barrister bookcases the absolute best option for storing?9 unread / 9Glacierman, July 2020
Rebinding and reprinting mass market paperbacks and hardbacks4 unread / 4kdweber, July 2020
Repair damaged spine binding4 unread / 4lilithcat, June 2020
How can I touch up this slight damage to slipcase during shipping?4 unread / 4Glacierman, June 2020
Slip case touchup2 unread / 2RickFlair, June 2020
Has anyone made their own dust jacket for a book?11 unread / 11NedBattle, March 2020
Seek Advice Regarding Archival Cover for Hardcover Books without Dust Jackets14 unread / 14ReadTree, January 2020
Heat and Humidity Questions8 unread / 8MarthaJeanne, September 2019
Storing Books in Underground Cavern3 unread / 3jonsweitzerlamme, September 2019
Using non-sticky plastic28 unread / 28WholeHouseLibrary, June 2019
Advice on storing books10 unread / 10jonsweitzerlamme, November 2018
how to remove adhesive residue from sticky notes2 unread / 2jonsweitzerlamme, November 2018
Covers of a 1914 Edith Wharton set3 unread / 3benjclark, November 2018
Protecting rare books from humidity3 unread / 3eastonlionel, October 2018
Why do I keep staining my books?11 unread / 11PhaedraB, September 2018
Dust Jacket Covers1 unread / 1audduck, July 2018
Centipede Press Humidity Issue Help3 unread / 3anglemark, June 2018
Storing in an attic16 unread / 16MurkyBookend, April 2018
Library Books & Flu Germs14 unread / 14Hope_H, January 2018
Risks of Storing Library Temporarily in a Garage?6 unread / 6PhaedraB, January 2018
What to do with an 1852 set of Waverley Novels9 unread / 9laotzu225, November 2017
Sticky Acetate1 unread / 1EclecticIndulgence, October 2017
sticky/humid covers4 unread / 4melannen, October 2017
Help ink problem6 unread / 6kdweber, September 2017
Eliminating Ordor in Books88 unread / 88humouress, September 2017
Book Press Paint Schemes30 unread / 30TrippB, June 2017
Removing stains (chocolate?) from pages8 unread / 8MarthaJeanne, May 2017
PAGE CLEANING7 unread / 7jldarden, March 2017
Post-poning moldy book repair1 unread / 1Veritasius, December 2016
Removing tea stain6 unread / 6Alexis.Rose, June 2016
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