RaqsBooks: For Belly Dancers

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We're people eager to talk about belly dance, aka Raqs Sharqi! We're here mostly to do a Book Club for our favorite dance form, but we also chat a little outside the book club, as well.
The core interest of this Group, the Book Club, will talk about a variety of works. We'll include books focused on the dance, books the deal with it's history, General Dance works on topics such as Anatomy, and works dealing with the cultures that this dance comes from.
We EXPLICITLY accept anyone who self-identifies as a "belly dancer". Tribal dancers are welcome, and should recommend topics as well. That said, we do expect that people respect each other, and the native dance forms. This is not a place to recreate the various Wars ongoing within the dance, although discussions of them are unavoidable. If you have a gripe, back it up with facts -- or, even better, recommend a work that backs your assertion for discussion!

If you're curious about the dance, you might want to try a forum such as Bhuz, or a website like Shira's -- we're open to new dancers, yet there's a lot to know about this dance, so you might want to find a space to read and ask basic questions, first.

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