Book Clubs

This group has become officially dormant. It happens. If you want to revive this group, or create a new group on the same topic see this page.

Do you belong to a real life book club? Talk about it here! Report what your club is reading this month, how you select books, how you recruit new members and much more.

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Help with books nominated for our discussion group5 unread / 5Mr.Durick, October 2010
On-Line Book Club?6 unread / 6thebookstudio, September 2009
Reviews of Obama and McCain Autobiographies2 unread / 2clamairy, September 2008
Good discussion books16 unread / 16QueenOfDenmark, June 2008
My Book Club's Selections For This Year10 unread / 10miss_read, February 2008
Help me choose our book!2 unread / 2Mr.Durick, December 2007
What are your September selections?3 unread / 3knittingfreak, September 2007
August check-in!2 unread / 2clamairy, August 2007
What's your club's July book?6 unread / 6jillmwo, July 2007
I took the plunge and have started a new club on meetup.com1 unread / 1betweencovers, July 2007
Annual Book Discussion Lists16 unread / 16dperrings, June 2007
What are you reading in June?14 unread / 14miss_read, June 2007
How to use LT with your face to face book club4 unread / 4knittingfreak, June 2007
what we are reading this month...1 unread / 1catmistressel, June 2007
How do you select your book?8 unread / 8Nickelini, June 2007
What's your club's May book?26 unread / 26nepejwster, May 2007
Information for Discussions2 unread / 2SheReads, May 2007
What are you reading in April?5 unread / 5Concetta, April 2007
What books do YOU wish your book club would read?10 unread / 10miss_read, April 2007
What are you reading in March?12 unread / 12Cecilturtle, April 2007
What are you reading this month?42 unread / 42Retrogirl85, February 2007
History of your group1 unread / 1HelloAnnie, December 2006
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