Reformation Historians

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For those interested in Reformation history (English and European)

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New group on the Reformation1 unread / 1geoffreymeadows, November 2021
Albania history2 unread / 2GrattanSavage, July 2019
Jan Huss Sermons1 unread / 1smittyvol, July 2008
Top Five Foundational Books1 unread / 1margad, July 2007
The Humanists2 unread / 2hackloon, March 2007
William Tyndale and librarians1 unread / 1DrSmeeton, January 2007
Beyond Diarmaid MacCulloch3 unread / 3hackloon, December 2006
The Lord's Supper Debate during the Reformation2 unread / 2hackloon, September 2006
Martin Luther2 unread / 2hackloon, August 2006
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