Time Travel, Alternate Histories and Parallel Worlds

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Time Travel, Alternate Histories and Parallel Worlds - My favorite Science-Fiction sub-genres.

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What is you favorite Time-Travel book?201 unread / 201robert.kuropkat, February 2018
Great alternative history books?61 unread / 61Blooshirt, August 2017
One worthy of your attention2 unread / 2bernsad, May 2016
A(nother) top 25 time travel/alternate history list2 unread / 2Keeline, May 2015
What would you pack for a trip thru in time?38 unread / 38TomWaitsTables, November 2014
What about your least favorite time travel book?35 unread / 35KatStark, September 2014
Alternate History of New Zealand: Son of France2 unread / 2.Monkey., December 2013
Help with forgotten title3 unread / 3Kondracray, April 2013
The Plot to Save Socrates4 unread / 4PaulLev, December 2012
Alt-History Research & Books at Swarthmore College1 unread / 1TimothyBurke, March 2011
Time Travelers Never Die - Jack McDevitt2 unread / 2TomWaitsTables, March 2011
Farthing20 unread / 20perian, August 2010
News: Connie Willis's WWII novel "All Clear"3 unread / 3Anastasia169, March 2010
The role of interference and fate in time travel.18 unread / 18Musereader, March 2008
Non-"Sci-Fi/Fantasy" Parallel Universes15 unread / 15andyl, October 2007
New Turtledove! Online only!2 unread / 2mrgrooism, May 2007
A parallel worlds short story that took my breath away4 unread / 4redthaws, October 2006
Romanitas - views?2 unread / 2john257hopper, September 2006
How do I delete this topic?2 unread / 2allieproff, August 2006
Time travel and the role of interference and fate.2 unread / 2SimPenguin, August 2006
The House of Arden1 unread / 1isiswardrobe, August 2006
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